Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Givin' ya pearls here! Pearls pearls every where!

Find below the manual for emotioanl life management 

The Nature of life and energy is not that hard to follow or understand. As it is above so it is below. When you are hungry you eat no matter where you are. When energy is low you recharge, its a universal law. The serpent consumes it's own tail! 

From the writings of the 3rd Century Neo-Platonic philosopher Porphyry:
"The realm of the soul, being semi-material, has its inhabitants possessing semi-material (astral) forms. Some of them are good, others evil; some are kindly disposed towards man, others are malicious. Both classes have ethereal but changeable bodies; the good ones are masters of their bodies and desires, the evil ones are governed by the desires of their bodies. They are all powers for good or for evil, divine, animal, or diabolic invisible influences creating, by their interior activity, passions, desires, vices, and virtues in the souls of beings. The more evil they are, the more do their forms approach the corporeal state. They then live on the exhalations of matter; they induce men to murder and to kill animals, they enjoy the vapours arising from the victims, and grow fat by absorbing the ethereal substances of the dying. They are, therefore, always ready to incite men to wars and crimes, and they collect in great crowds in places where men or animals are killed."

Middle Chapter 4 Summary

Lets walk through a quick summary of how this works. Being that you and literally every being you have ever been conscious off knowing are 'the so called' lower beings that do not yet have mastery of their own desires and manifestations your energy dims greatly if you do not recharge. On earth, in the 'GARDEN' as it is called in the bible, you must feed on other life to sustain your own life.  

For simplicity imagine that every time you laugh you put out a particular odor and when you cry yet another and so on with each various emotion. Remember even your neurons in your brain do this same thing communicating with each other only on a smaller micro scale, odors included. For you are an emotional bio-electro-chemical energy producing machine! And the dial that is used to control the output of your vessel is your emotions! Also, contrary to your opinion, you do not control your emotions anywhere near as much as you would like to believe you do! Others manipulate emotions here as you will see if you read on. 

In fact, the universe can be likened to one big brain and we are as cells in that brain shaping ourselves to suit our environments the same way a cell does with the outer membrane to work in the environment it finds itself in. This brain has a purpose, the cells a mission if you will and it functions to produce this mental construct we call reality.  

If easier you can imagine the same thing presented here by using sound as your medium for understanding instead of smells. The two, odors and sound are related, but for sake of communication in words I went with smells or odors to make this easier to follow. 

So, with that said imagine that someone, a conscious life matrix alive all around us if that makes it easier to follow, that is unseen in a fourth dimension but very real around you not only likes and wants to create these odors, or sounds and more,, n
o they have done much more because like you they also need to recharge or eat as the case may be but they've tuned into the energies of all biological life so when they detect or sense these energy discharges coming off these 'vessels' they come running reacting seemingly to our emotions but it is really a reaction to a light show from the other side.

We are an ebb and flow of life energy. You could say we are a flowing process of life with the main effect of witnessing this play act unfold being humility in the realization of just how little the atmosphere of our presence actually rules! Individually we control very little. We master very little in this life in actuality. In our own minds the average among you cannot hold a single thought of focus for 20 seconds let alone one minute or more! 

Humility goes with the territory of going within. But don't let it scare you from doing it now and again to ask yourself questions about life path. Remember we are actually quite experienced at going within because every last thing you notice looking outward is actually not outward at all but all within in this mental construct we call reality! We are within right now! All is within the mind of the one! In the mind of the one, aspects of self run wild! The aspects of awareness are everywhere! 

Remember fear feeds unseen life as much as anything on this planet. God is alive in this space and reactive!.The space before you is alive, reactive its not just empty space. Think, and it is as responsive to you as you are to it, as it is a two way street! 

Mostly things work best here with shock and awe on a large scale so look for any big shock or awe event and look up! Impressions come to people in their minds all the time during these events. If you look up you notice also that orbs show up too! Other life stirs the imagination of those in panic during these events. You may not see the other life but its there and its feeding off your excess emotion.. We all need energy, and if they see someone in a highly emotionally charged state they may play on that to bring it up a notch by putting other ideas of stress in your mind just to step it up a notch in intensity to better suit their feeding needs. Not that you need help but things get tweaked for personal tastes all the time by these others.  

Examples are everywhere in the news of this as we can witness this in the Moore Oklahoma tornado disaster with numerous collector craft hovering all around the aftermath in news reports on live TV even. We have since this time seen many other big events and storms though and each one has examples of orbs being seen. The orbs were all around and are still seen all over Japan also and they frequent earthquake and volcano sites of the destruction. The Tsunami event also as well as other big sporting events and so forth all bring out orbs and even many minor events if they have high excitement. 

Further still imagine that those wanting this energy went to a great deal of trouble preparing the planet, the soil, the atmosphere and everything else here, including the 'corporeal beings shells', or vessels, these bodies, designed for this garden just to make conditions such that this organic life form responsible for these odors or sounds, or energies or whatever term you pick to describe them could thrive in their offering, in their garden! Various orbs of light and conscious awareness are using these organic suits, these vessels or bodies and most all of them recycle through here over and over. Its all about the way we sustain ourselves. 

You do this incidental discharge of energy that feeds other life with every emotion and feeling you have in life from fight or flight to being as happy as you can imagine yourself ever being but the odor changes with each varying frequency of the various feelings we have daily. What these other life forms like to do is tweak the frequency to several levels up for intensity. They prefer shock and awe as evidenced on the boob tube everyday. 

Each emotion has a different odor, a different flavor, a different frequency unique to that particular emotional trigger that caused you to react. Some of these frequencies are more preferred than others by these beings that originated this garden so they stimulate us more in one way than in others as stated earlier. So each time we spark off something or someone gains something from that and it spirals upward as it is also likely this goes on even for the ones feeding on us. That is to say, it is likely something or some other life feeds on them the same way. Prayer was originally nothing other than exchanging this needed energy with loved ones at their grave sites. Mayans and other tribes sacrificed for these same reasons, to feed their loved ones in the after life and to satisfy God who demanded these sacrifices! Even Abraham's God demanded this! If you don't recall, re-read your bible about Cain and Abel! 

From this union of repetition of stimulus to produce the reaction and programming set in from the first moments of conscious awareness, called 'instinct' in nature, and the various projects we establish ourselves into for the higher functioning beings as we grow, a symbiosis develops between these exchanges, between the unseen life doing a lot of the stimulating, suggesting and directing and that which is known and seen, the host.

 All of which makes repeating the exercise easier, even fun to collect for the beings that desire these energies. This so neuroplasticity can develop within the organic host being to make these firings of neurons in our brains to automatically produce what it is these creator beings wanted from the garden they started. 

So, to summarize, your body like everything else around you, even the planets and stars are/ is electric and just like the system outwardly, your body puts out real voltages from neurons firing in your body system and your emotions are the dial, with which your wavelength or frequency is controlled. Other third party handlers, or controllers have taken the wheel away from most of the reactionary asleep at the wheel among you. 

To awaken you must first realize that what is laid out here is true, and not some fiction as others trying to sell you something. What is about to be learned here is happening, and once you awaken to that,you will notice it is happening real time around all of us each day. This includes all the fight or flight sequence of events going on in nature as well as those going on in the lives of humans because all organic life reacts and it is these reactions, even from plants that produce this energy, this product! 

Once you accept this and have moved that far forward mentally so you are prepared, you are ready to learn how to better proceed forward with the new knowledge on how to use it to better equip you for a more 'self managed' life and emotional body reaction system vs, one another uses to push your buttons for you! Lastly, you will note that unseen life, but very real life, exists all around us, plant, animal and human and it like us is feeding off others energies to sustain itself. In our case our emotional driven energies provide something to these ones, and the idea that we are the top of the food chain is now a thing of the past. 

 If you have trouble with this here you better stop now. The rest is some out there head bender stuff that will blow your frickin' mind if you try to absorb it all too fast! 

So just go home and when you really want to take a dive into the strange and unusual you come back when ready and visit when you can stomach the rest of this stuff. 

Yeah I know it is a wild ride here. Believe me its not over. 

Ask yourself how a dog knows a cell is cancerous? Of course by the odor and then the changes that come in your electromagnetic field which dogs can see by the way!  How does the dog know you are about to have a seizure? In the exact same way that is how a dog knows! It smells and sees the changes in your energy field as you spark off! Well, see is not exactly correct. They sense it because just like the fox the canine has a highly developed sixth sense in the form of a nice size hematite in it's brain! 

This little magnet allows them to sense with their kinetic field where a mouse is hiding even if deep in the snow because when their energy bubble of magnetic energy bumps the energy bubble of the mouse, well, they sense it and where it sits exactly in just the same way the old blind man in the Kung Fu series could see a grasshopper on the ground beside young Cain. This same gift of nature allows a fox to find a mouse even buried in a tunnel hiding deep in the snow under three feet of snow! You'll never get through this if you can't digest this little bit right here. You can tune your energy field senses to highly developed states also because like the canine and the fox humans have this same ability but many, most in fact have forgotten how to use it. 

 Its the way you smell! Well, not really but the sequence of firings of neurons and the ions it pumps into the atmosphere, particularly when you lose control and someone or something else takes the wheel of your imagination and panic from you. So please know, in this metaphor you are the little mouse being hunted by the fox only you are in a bubble of reality not snow, and you are locked into a zone of electromagentricic energy these predators, of which you are one,  created just to use as a feeding area, entertainment and experience area, and oh lets call these predators 'The Others' but they can't exactly see the prey they hunt until it sparks off a particular way involving some extremes of emotion but when they do see the "hueman" show the pay off is quite large for energies produced! For this reason this fourth generation bipedal corporeal carbon based vessel known as the human body is the number one producer of these energies produced by this garden.  

  This is how it goes when you express these emotions as described that are more accurately describing this burst in your energy field from organic life during extremes of emotional outburst but ultimately its much more than smell or flavor and hard to convey in language. You can rest assured though that this scenario plays out each day here just as described.. 

This energy produced by your neuronal discharges and those of every other living reactionary being on the planet and the consequent energy field changes that take place from the heart which produces far more energy than the mind, all radiates outward from you and any other life during these extremes of emotions for quite a ways to these other life forms! Further it provides something for us as it provides something to them that we all need, life energy. The truth is that when your vessel is no longer functional you then become one of these hunters seeking these spark offs of energies to sustain your own light. 

Just for the sake of getting the idea we'll say smell and the odor you put out when in the vessel emoting from the thoughts that you harbor daily and nightly as you dream are all coming together to dictate the energies triggering off of you by the laws of attraction. But to say we shine very brightly to them is really an understatement! 

They see us! To these beings just around the bubble that we cannot peer behind we shine very brightly in many hues! No pun intended Hue-man!

Some other beings in existence like how we stink when we're scared! Some souls here are fractal souls, meaning some form of split has taken place within these beings limiting their light and their potential to rise above the things taught in such places as here. These beings with little soul usually end up in corrupted situations in life, and are those that would not be able to comprehend most of this anyway. I say that because these negative forces seem to direct us to conflict every time we turn around and the less soul one has the easier they are to lead around astray which is why they show up in hordes when large crowds get excited. People with less soul tend to be more reactionary and shear numbers of them make up for the loss of quality over these life forms vs those with whole souls. If they only knew that they too were being fed on during these things maybe they'd think twice before stopping to stare or watch at some major cataclysm or big news event behaving as the mindless sheeple! The point being that just because they are human does not mean they are a higher being to the same development as you or others you may know. 

Often times that which lights up the eyes can be rather dim. Not all are as developed as others here even when in the same vessels. It is true that in some dogs and cats and other vessels of the various corporeal life forms here there resides even higher developed beings than those which occupy some of the human and other higher mammal bodies. The vessel does not always indicate the development of the soul having the experience. You could be sitting by a raven in the woods that is one of the highest developed life forms on this planet and not even know it! 

Also, tho, I say this because when animals such as rats or other prey animals in nature, rabbits, birds and more are in panic states like when one of my cats pursues them? Well, I see the orbs feeding on the fear. This spiral of life and energy exchange is not limited to just humans. As stated all life here emotes these energies. In fact we are involved in it just like all of nature seen and unseen before us. 

The planet, our garden earth is geared for fight or flight scenarios in nature which ties right into this energy production from emotional extremes of energies that are produced here. This so that this garden and all life in it could do what it was originally designed to produce! Call the produce whatever term you like! Its energy pure and simple. Energy bubbles of light, photons of light, whatever it is, it is that which literally feeds other souls or orbs of light all around us. The planet and the one being literally feeds on itself in this way, consuming it's own tail if you will, because all is one just like the picture. This one being made many aspects of self, you, me, others, and they are us, the light beings and we live forever by this framework design. 

You being special and having the ability to control yourself have the potential of a much better more enjoyable experience here in the body though, and while here you may as well at least try to understand some of what is going on here in this war. There is more capability within you if you knew what to do with the powers you already have. So when things emotionally get out of control you can now better take the wheel back to control this duration, this blast or burst and you can redirect, say enough and simply smile and move on whereas other animals are at the mercy of their limited potential. 

 No one can tell me the orbs and shadow people that stir us up are not real when I can see the orbs and others see them in the process of stirring up beings and then feasting on the energies produced! Other men and women have written of these same things. No one can tell me they do not exist when I can see the being standing behind another draining energies off a person that does not realize why they always feel drained as they do! 

This led me to look deeper because the orbs are everywhere and all sizes. Thus, this paper had to be written as they are all around us. What do you think happens when you die? I'll tell you if you want to know. I have left my body many times. It started with my grandfather taking me from my bed the very night he died and since that time he has left a door open or something. 

While it is true that in achieving your own fulfillment in life you will also in a grand fashion provide energy exchange with unseen life forms just like these orb beings feeding on emotional frenzy in animal hunter/prey scenarios all around us while you yourself learn and grow, do know it is a consensual arrangement. Most of these orbs are people you once knew or interacted with. Think about it. If you indeed to go to another side if you will when you die, just as we were taught in church and other places lets consider for a moment what takes place. 

These energy orbs, and dark figures or shadows are just like you and myself at our core mind you,and like you they require energy and must constantly exchange said energy at all times. Energy cannot die, but it constantly moves. So you see exchange is what it is all about. The recycle of this energy,which at times is also the consciousness recycling with all the amnesia intact which is a natural aftereffect of this exchange takes place in front of us each and everyday. 

More, these unseen hands involved in soul contracts with others, they go out of their way to insure you get scared every now and then also and also as part of that deal while using a vessel here they guard you like the proverbial guardian angel. . Not all of these light beings feed the same way though.. We all need energy, that is to say,  light and we can all feed off it! How you chose to get that energy is up to you. 

How you chose to share it is not always so easy to monitor for organic life forms. This sharing of your energies is not always something you are aware of doing. Here you have choices of how you ingest energies also, for example,, you can be a vegetarian or you can eat meat, or both. 

One way or the other though, you need energy like all other life forms do.. There are light beings that prefer mobile organic life energy off a host being such as an organic living being in the garden and there are those that mingle only with plants. Then there are those that only mingle with clouds and lightning and the electron exchanges going on there or in the ground!  

Many of us have worked out arrangements with various other light beings of conscious awareness and these arrangements are all about energies which we have equal interest in obtaining.. These others we contract with, are much like us in desire and goals and therefore team together as friends, mates, chums, whatever but both protecting their investment in this contract. 

This investment is of course, the vessel, and as part of the arrangement the guides act just that way by guiding each other during the life experiences so that experiences wanted or needed were achieved. These contracts can be with one or many various aware beings of any number of appearances and desires. We know them by our families and friends, and those we have reincarnated with repeatedly! Yes this includes even our pets!

It may mean some discomfort on occasion, that you hurt yourself, fall on your face, do bad habits, or abuses to yourself while experiencing here. Oh and then as always after we do these stupid things we wonder why we did it. The ego does not always accept or realize that some experiences were simply mapped in and are bound to happen. There are even times when these other beings we contract with, occupy or take over the vessel for various reasons to be sure something occurs. 

 While true, many times it is also those involved in your life that guide and direct choices, events and people that come into your life at certain times, or habits or, routines that come and go, its all in aiding you to get the experience you wanted while at the same time they gain what they benefit as well. Sometimes you need to fall on your face or be made to in order for some things to happen, or for some people to be met and so on along your path! These arrangements are made by that light being which is the 'real you'. And those walking with you sharing in this vessel experience insure that takes place! See? Nothing sinister just contract energy exchange during play.  

What you, the real you as the light orb you and what you want always trumps what you the ego of various organic experiences may want.. Never forget as you read this is just one of many other vessels you have experiened. You also are a shadow or orb being wearing a body suit!  Its how we find ourselves in strange places and ask how this occurred and its ultimately because at some level, well you asked for it, or its your turn and helpful mates walking with you in life helped along the way as needed to get there and all for energy! Much needed energies exchanged here between all of us! 

We all do this. Some of us got twisted in our desires, frustrated even as many do with the struggle but the struggle is necessary. Follow me here. Its all explained if you just digest slowly. Sometimes we even feel or just know our loved ones are near us! When you die and leave that body you are actually still connected to it for some time. You still actually get energy off it for 9 to 10 days in most cases before you are guided on to get away from this level. Like with life here when your light dims there you need to recharge. 

There are numerous ways to do that and once your body is cremated, or fully dead where all cells and fingernails stop growing and that, then you are on your own. Then you like the other orbs have to rely on energies discharged from other lights that you then take in and recharge your own light with. These other lights are the human beings and animals and plants that feed you as they spark off and as you learn how to get the taste you want you do things to tweak them. Watch the movie "Heart and Souls" with Robert Downy Jr. and you'll get the idea. 

Pay close attention. 

Walk the even keel when you have a vessel of your own! Know that you are really a light being of perfect conscious awareness, who happens to have an energy vessel for awareness and experience here in this garden experiment and you likely came with a plan all your own for what you wanted and needed to do and conquer in yourself. 

Navigating through fear is a major job for most here which seems so difficult to so many, yet it is but the base level. It is but the beginning stages of navigation. Make no mistake though. Whatever stresses stand out to you in life are those things you need to be working on. When you look outward into that inner void of mental construct you wouldn't see the reflection you see if you didn't need to work on those things. 

Because if you cannot navigate around here, happy in the now, happy in your own skin and monitoring and maintaining your own energies you certainly will not be ready for where we go when we leave these vessels so you end up coming back to lower level until you get it right!  Sometimes soul life takes turns while playing here. Meaning the being occupying the body can not handle some situations and in such cases the being that was steps out,  and the being that is prepared for the next phase of this life experience now hops in and takes over. During these times many things can happen. So how many reading witnessed the Charlie Sheen walk in? Do you realize now what happened and why without me having to explain it to you? 

The light that was the Charlie everyone knew left. The new being, a new energy or new consciousness than the old one stepped in and is the light behind those eyes of that vessel now and it is not the same light as the last. Even those closest to Charlie knew this and this new light has all new friends and no longer fits the same character we all knew. It is not mysterious when you see it for the way it happened now is it? A new light walks with that vessel now and its experience is vastly different than the last as is mannerisms, habits, look, tastes, jobs and more. It is not the same person end of story. 

To be ready for proper mastery of your focus ,of intention and desire when it instantly manifests being like god the creator of your own fulfillment, you cannot just jump into the deep end of the pool and expect to get very far. Hence you and even myself and others all sharing this experience here all find ourselves here where things manifest more slowly..

I was gifted to see a glimpse of something beyond the ego both by my exit first initiated by my grandfather after his death and since then after near death experiences and many other astral travels.. Just like the life forms that created this garden, our egos clamor for the energies also of pleasure, and even pain when it is warped around in the head to lead to pleasuere because many people indeed, do get off on pain! The problem is that we lose our discipline and control when we allow ourselves to get emotional to extremes! 

I hope that it comes across that even tho the warped do it for warped reasons causing pain and fear, pain is a necessary evil here because without it, how else could you know pleasure or joy? Without chaos, how could you know harmony? Those playing with such things obviously at some level needed or created the experience. In the end vile as some things seem, it is often experience we ourselves manifested in our lives as another experience to tuck under our belt. Another check off for your bucket list in other words! We all come here with some plan to do something. Most know what that is somewhere within themselves. 

 It takes me time to remember it is all a play act here  also, but you must remember. It helps to let it go as  "just another of many ego experiences you've had in a vessel here" and, one of many which you and myself have used to gain life energies and growth and learning experiences from this garden. 

This life as you read now is not the first time line or the last that you can awaken into. It is not the first you have experienced.  While here reading you are also parallel living in another time line just as everyone else is because just beside of us around the bubble we cannot peer behind is deeper levels of us, our consciousness in multi versed reality and beside that another and each time line separate and unique yet intricately connected to us all because it is us all! 

But again, all emotional flavors are choices on the menu of energies here as the energies are exchanged, moved, flowed, however you wish to describe it. These flavors from the electron and heart discharges of energies off the life of the planet and all life on it are very potent! This particularly when the emotions are to extremes from extreme ecstasy and pleasure, to extreme hate, extreme courage, extreme fear, anxiety, frustration and more, but all these emotions produce or cause energy generated by thought to move okay? 

To be leaning all one way is out of balance and out of balance is out of control! They like you off balance and that is the point here! To those wanting these energies it is very important that they keep you off balance you see? And they will do that to either pole or either side of this coin in life, this duality as you know it. If they cannot sway you emotionally to deep emotional hate or negativity they will sway you to joy and material gains and the pleasures of money and purchase and consuming! This is all to feed off the electron discharges going off in the organic garden while the life forms are doing these things! 

For them your being off balance, unaware and easily programmable is a good thing! It helps with what is termed, " neuroplasticity" to play out in your brains by the stimulus of the various beings harvesting the energies here. 

To you being off balance is not so good? This is what can weaken you by being drained. Wake up! The two sides of your 'electrical pole, just like the two of the earth herself'  all cause neurological activity and energies to fire off big time in your brains and around your 'atmospherers just as it does earths' producing 'real' voltages that amplfy through your heart due to the emotional connection you have with the reactions and the body system and science can prove it!  

Remember what Pythia said, 'stay in the middle'! Staying in the middle is balanced! He knew, even then that someone uses this energy from our emotions! For what they use it for is irrelevant. The fact is that emotional energies are being harvested and that is all that need be realized to address it. 

All emotion genertates energy but it is when to  extremes of emotion where many people are scared and/or leaning out of balance when potency seems to be where they like it! This is why we see so much shock and awe in our world for their feeding get it? Then after this takes place within all the mass of psyches present, using all the mass media tools at their disposal to shock as many as possible well,, you see where I am going. Usually after the masses are shocked good is when you begin to notice the orbs. 

Other orbs of smaller sizes also feed on storm clouds. Wait for a thunder storm with a good light show. Then if in the right conditions allow when the lights flash you see the orbs feeding among the clouds! Orbs and shadow figures show after big events in the news and we see them at large gatherings such as football games and baseball games on a regular basis and they are all over the most emotionally charged people all over the world. They were all over sinking ship footage on the news, and also seen over the Katrina and other later storms. 

Some examples of how energies are forced from the organic life through fight or flight scenarios of hunter prey situations are evident all over the planet!  In our own jungle of tall buildings the same energies are produced but with more intelligent species the energies are extracted in other ways besides just those of threat of life or limb. 

For humans energies are generated by stress feelings and separation anxiety, fear, loss and misery of all sorts like after an earthquake or tsunami,or war but so long as shock is involved among other stress related feelings of panic or any emotions to extremes the garden produces great exchanges of energy. This neuronal activity amplified off the heart primary energy system of the body from the organic beings present in the garden is the largest producing crop of the garden! This includes more than the human animal producing these energies but all higher awareness life forms. 

All organic life here on earth, including plant life produces these sought energies. Each life creation animate and inanimate was created in the first place to provide or in effort to gain these same energies! Emotion, or death both produce the sought energies from organic life forms and the number one producer of energy above all others in the garden is that of a mother protecting her young. 

This energy of a mother protecting her young is the cherished grail energy sought by all life forms seeking energies of this garden. It is sought for the potency of both love to the extreme and hate to the extreme making this particular release coming from a fierce woman ready to die to defend her young the one thing they intend to repeat often!  

Chapter 5 Watch the Big Events

Just about every big event in the news gets follow up reports soon after from various places all reporting the UFO activity over the scenes. For whatever reasons these emotional energies seem highly sought! 

I believe it is why the powers constantly stimulate us humans in masse in these ways to bring these emotions, particularly loss emotions to mothers out of us daily through all the turmoil and blood shed in the world and its broadcast over and over again using their mass media to hammer home the fear. 

You think all this war talk is not producing? Think this economy and job loss is not producing? Think this Ebola fear is not producing? Understand that just like hunter prey fight or flight in nature, each of these stresses causes the same energies to be produced from the beings experiencing it in humans! The same orbs feed off the energies produced by both the animals of nature fleeing for life in the wild and those of the human, whale, or dolphin, chimp animals more aware of their surroundings but producing through other means.  

Its all about life experience to stimulate learning and growing while producing these energies here. The beauty is that we do this as we learn by facing and overcoming these obstacles and fears to co create and be the masters of our own life energies and reality while at the same time feeding ourselves! You see, if all is one being, it is one being, one 'Dragon' swallowing it's own tail! This is how that one being cheats death!!  

This friction of life, this animosity and conflict so regarded as negative, is a necessary evil needed to aid us from getting too complacent to make any progress. Without it life ceases to grow, it doesn't recycle and its this recycle that allows the one to live forever!  

For this reason we can expect to be stimulated just by experiencing life here in this garden or in any garden. It's our job to produce these energies, and we cannot hold it against those that walk with us stimulating us because we consent and we need the energy just as they do! Its win win in the end! 

We can expect our psyches to be bruised while here it goes with the territory of any physical experience and now that you know this information of why you are here you also realize this is just one of many lives you've had, it is no more real than those were and only for the experience and the pretty pictures you take with you when you are done. 

I have come to the conclusion that this is how souls feed while you learn and grow playing in the fields of the Lord! 

Once a more even keel emotionally, mentally and spiritually is maintained in your life by walking this middle of the road between the extremes of emotions aware of what is going on you will find that balance and more importantly, control is maintained in your daily life more than lack of balance. ,You will also find your health is consistent with the congruent mood and character of this discipline. 

Focus on balance, inner peace and meditate briefly often maintaining ample balance and harmony of light and dark because both are within us all and both should be embraced and accepted. When one or the other of your dual character shows itself do not run from it. Do not suppress. That is a stress emotion. Let go. Just be aware and you control the burst and duration! Check the UV index for the sun each morning and evening and when it drops to zero renew your energy for a ten second stare or thirty or more if the mood strikes and take in the sun to replenish that which was lost during the day. You will be shocked at the benefits of doing this if you ask a plant for permission to ground to it first by holding it gently to share the experience. Standing bare feet is recommended but grounding works too! 

Use that time to watch over your body, talk to your cells, apologize to parts you damaged or hurt that day and let them know they may heal now. The relief from this discipline is tremendous I kid you not. Suck in that sun when you can. At times when parts of my body ache I stand there talking to father sun and by the time I leave sometimes mere seconds later I'm pain free! It works! You should do it often if the UV index says its at zero! I love catching the sun as it is just coming up or just going down. 

Face all the faces of you and embrace them,, confront it when uncomfortable and only upon this examination will it transform and then you will grow. You can only win here by facing your fears and taking control of those emotions! Confront them, and claim your sovereignty!  Realize you are not the I you think you are, you are so much more! 

As Proverbs tells us, "calm seas do not make for skillful sailors" so its the rough sees that teach us the fastest. It is okay to know that others may need and indeed use the energies you produced emotionally from day to day. Just be aware of the methods you should adopt to recharge yourself. To truly be enlightened, to truly be wise, skilled enough to master the course of experience with the correct energy and attitude one must be healthy and maintain sufficient chi and once this it done then you have the means and reserves for traversing all terrains yes? 

This, our garden, is both a training area for better life sailors but also central to the energy exchanges and information of the experience between various life forms seen and unseen, known and unknown all around us. How you manage your own life energy is more important than how you manage your own check book because money is the representation of energy that you put to work for you here you must be also aware of your chi energy, and how you should put that to work for you, rather than let someone do that for you! Understand you can take the wheel here at anytime and all tools needed are explained by my magnificent framework. 

We are able to receive and send energy and light on all manner of frequencies even beyond those we can see or perceive ourselves and that makes us quite unique, and very alluring to multitudes of various conscious self aware beings which exist beside of us and around us all the time. 

When we die and leave our bodies to become aware of these other life forms we joke about these times and can see the whole picture as the light being orbs of conscious awareness we truly are. In the process we see how real it seems for everything that goes on here also but try to grasp this next statement please. 

Try to understand this> The orb being of awareness observing behind those eyes is who you really are, not the human you think you are or the ego little voice you call I!

 I is so much more, and I realize few can step outside themselves for long enough to see this fact. I is made up of all the various ego experiences one has under their belt. You are the sum total of all the various experiences under your belt right now!

 I couldn't step out to imagine this fact either but I have been out of my body now on many occasions. I have on multiple occasions done this as written about by me in other places here and more.

While you are here experiencing in this vessel you may see what we define by our ego ID as horror and negativity as well as beauty and love. You may see death and suffering and react just as most do,  that this is terrible!  How unjust, how unfair and so on.

 Let that go please hard as it is,  it is nonsense> Nothing dies. 

Your energy was alive before this life. Nothing dies. Energy including the energy of you cannot die. What's more you know that or you would not be reading this! It didn't die before and it will not die now or when you step out of that shell.  

You will change, transform and find that the ego is a tool, one of many at your disposal and that is all it ever was. I would tell you everything you read here on my death bed. 

To the best of my ability I share with you the real. Again, nothing is for sale here. No sinister, no evil. Doesn't happen like that at all. 
99.9% of all NDE's (near death experiences) such as my own are stories of unimagined love, warmth, color, light and reunion with loved ones that are very much alive and well. 

Whether it be an army of ants invading another rival ant colony as the two opposing sides war, or a school of dolphins driving the mackerel to the surface to stir them up and then feast on them or anyone of the other prey/survival scenarios going on here they all provide the same thing to the creators. 

Nature sees this quite clearly too just as the birds that are waiting on the water surface for the dolphins to do this stirring up of the fishes so they too can feast on the chosen mackerel prey! So you see? To the birds this is a chance to take advantage. They see the dolphins chase the mackerel which is in fear for it's very existence as the mackerel tries to escape death and in the process creating great emotional fear generating great amounts of electro-chemical voltages discharged off the biological system of the fishes fight or flight response and what does it do? 

The mackerel leaps from the water to escape from the dolphins only to be trapped out of the water and caught by the birds. So on one side or the other the mackerel is doomed! Its a vast production of bio energy product going off these fish during these events just as there is for other fight or flight events in nature everyday! 

Or if it is sail fish equipped with extra large fins designed by nature to be just what they are, big sails that block travel of panic stricken fish to better herd bait fish or other prey to then feast on them once trapped.

Or it could be a wolf pack killing an elk dragging it to the ground, or a cat torturing a mouse before finally devouring it! Doesn't matter! They all produce! 

Whatever the case it is just another of the many sacrifices that the system of this garden is geared for on this planet to produce product and growth for the creator, the one that is then distributed through out to all aspects of the one which includes each of us!  

Further, it appears every consciousness on earth is aware of this relationship and in perfect tune with it it with the exception of the supposed smartest ones called human! 

It doesn't matter if it is an ant colony doing the invading because the offering up of emotion from fight or flight of the vessels feelings to try to survive death of all the organic life in the path of this destruction produces new experience and everyone feeds, and god grows. 

This from both the experience of the events and from the fragmented consciousness that makes up the various life forms throughout existence that feeds on the energies exchanged and transformed during the perceptive experience!  

These natural laws taking place on earth do not stop taking place just because you can no longer see, hear or witness by smell or other senses what takes place outside your realms of knowing. 

Whether the army be one of ants or one of humans doesn't matter really as the result is the same with one exception being that human's produce better. We can't help it you see. Its literally in our genetic make up to do this. 

Literally every single one of the 4000 plus errors in our genetic code, something that should be impossible if we were natural to the planet, are all purposely left in place by our designers because each one of them from Spina Bifida to mongoloid children was left that way to make struggle and stress energy production off the humans greater!!

This all to produce additional hardships and struggle to survive which helps produce more of that special bio-energy the creators wanted from their garden!

When we forget our true purpose here we are given a nudge by the collectors or the high priests working under them to stimulate us in various ways so production does not stop. 

Freaky as it may all be to absorb at this point I ask you to look around now at the world. This is exactly what is taking place daily when threats of new wars, and new crisis takes place. 

It is the stimulus to the masses of sheeple and I'm sure if you look now you'll see it as clearly as I do. Rule by crisis is the mantra of the powers behind this garden. 

The only way to come to terms with who you are is to face who you are and this is the ugly face of humanity that no one wants to see yet it is there staring at us every morning in the mirror. 

If humans were a psychoactive substance such as pot which has to be ignited to release the psychoactive part of the plant then stimulating the humans in large volumes would be the way of releasing the desired effect. 

We can literally feed off each other.  Science confirms we can take other's energies

Additional Misc. notes: This info in the next paragraph just up Oct-2013

 Of the many various types and characters of beings that incarnate here to experience the organic bio energy exchange all get so attached to the vessel and so ingrained in the ego and the posturing that goes along with it that they cannot rise above that to actually see this bigger picture.

 It requires death and separating from the body to see it and realize you are not human. Human is the experience and the body shell, and the experience are agreed to as are other agreements with other members of your own family units. Some ancient priest hood practiced this by OBE experiences induced through various tried and true methods with the help of those very members of their families on the other side that aided them. What they saw is much the same as my own visions and flashes after my near death experiences as well as before through various experiences I have had myself in high strangeness since that time. 

I think a lot of misconceptions exist about the contractual agreements for organic vessel experiences within this garden. These agreements are multi fold and encompass parameters and designs of the experience mapped out for each being that contracts with the originator species of this garden. You are here by consent and wanted to do this. It is not some prison as described. This is to generate more stress fear energy off you nothing more. In your true self, as the spirit being orb of awareness you cannot be deceived and you cannot deceive others. You see all in the after. All that have been know this! 

Let me be clear. Many of the so called sightings of reptiles and other figures are are often sightings of the soul entity actually having the observational and experiential human experience they leased to experience. That means this is a sanctioned contracted experience and no different than yours and that your residual self image may be that of a gray or that of a mantis or that of a reptile looking biped. How would you know? You have amnesia! 

This attachment is from within, the body is not something you are attached to on the outside. If you do not have a body shell you attach from the outside. They do not have amnesia. In reality there are no straight lines. You cannot see around the curve, so to speak, either in your mind or with your eyes in this 3D environment. 

The amnesia is a result of the physical experience because you cannot see around the curve of the outward space once in the physical to note what goes on right beside of you. It is due to the organic physical suit you to wear until you no longer need it not due to some sinister deception. You will exit the vessel you have used to experience here when it will be gladly discarded no differently than a dirty sock at the end of the day before relaxing! There are many beings that contract for a experiential vessel for the energies produced in this oasis called earth. When you leave the vessel and this experience is over you will then remember all. You will know, you will see and should you fear those near by would know instant of the fact. You wear your heart on your sleeve out of the body. You cannot hide your real. 

The idea that these are some alien evil is something introduced by those that do not fully see enough of the bigger picture to know that this garden, like all energy producing gardens of this type are set up and used by all of us. This or those spewing such garbage as this trap idea and fear mongering just want to sell you something so let me say that again, ALL OF US no matter the species come here for what we gain from it. What we gain is a lot. The gardens are the neutral zones that all species have common ground interest in due to the fact that these are energy flavor centers of great delight to all souls period end of story! You behave here because you need it and crave it. Regardless of how sinister it looks here in the physical that isn't really seen as real that way by any of us as the light beings we truly are. Its not seen as real other than the experience and the energy it can produce which is very real. 

Not only do we get to experience a new life forgetting entirely what was just experienced the last time (until we rejoin our collective self) we get to share in the energies and exchanges that take place here but we contract also with our own family groups of various like interest souls, all watching out for each other from life to life, and at various contracted and agreed to times within the experience itself come in to aid if needed, redirect life path at the right times, heal or any other agreed to terms that one made before waking as a babe all over again to begin the experience. 

The corporeal vessel you and your family group share is not really yours you see? You are not your own. This life is but not the vessel and lessons are real and could even involve pain and hard lessons often brought about by your own loved ones, not some evil at all. The often seen alien grays in bedrooms hovering over bodies are actually the souls having the experience not some visitor. It is the soul having a night time out of body trip and you witnessed it. This is like the residual self image of you in your real selves for all of that family. You react with fear not realizing you look that way yourself out of body dummy! 

In yet other families they are mantid looking, while in others they look reptile, and yet others Nordic and still others hairy big foot, yeti, wookie beings. All images gleamed by those with the extra range visions or glimpses of better views of those ranges as various electro magnetic differences occur throughout the planet in its rotation. 

In each of these family groups, soul contracts have been made. When you are here in the body having the vessel experience no matter which species it may be that you choose, you have those on the other side that while aiding you, gain from the bio energies you produce during the experience here. During their time in the body by this same agreement you do this for them, gaining from their energies from emotions produced in this environment called earth. 

Some of these groups have arranged consensual agreements with that part of oneself that does remember the real and that agreement includes abduction and experimentation while in the vessel. This type of experimentation based on my glimpses of what is taking place on these ships is mostly geared toward maximizing the energies produced from the experience tho and ultimately helps everyone that finds the energies of this garden environment so appealing. This garden is a bio energy oasis. Most everyone having an experience here has already agreed to what goes on with them by taking part in the experience and they agreed on multi levels and likely with various other beings within their own family and friend units. 

Units which likely have shared and crossed meeting briefly and/or for whole life periods of experience in many other life times within a physical organic vessel experience. This energy is its primary 'garden produce' to be perfectly honest with you. Those big devices that come down on you during abductions when laying on a table full of shock are actually devices to collect, monitor and compare the bio energy generated by emotional outbursts repeated over time the same way after various tweaks to your vessel have been made to make you 'put out more' when you scream from various emotional triggers to your bio system! Again, all consensual and agreed to by you in advance and geared toward increasing the efficiency of the experience even if you don't remember in the ego persona mask of this experience that this is so. 

The truth of the matter is the ego self in this vessel for each of us cannot even discern when the soul that actually animates the body has been replaced. One may feel an undefined difference and it may even be noticed quite visibly outwardly with physical changes but within the contract often walk in experiences with those very family members can also be arranged. This means that at some point, say mid way through the organic experience the original soul occupying the body is extracted by the originator species in control of the garden experiences and contracts. This soul is then placed in another vessel or the contract ends for that being and it steps out to rejoin and remember all the collected and gained experiences of each ego manifestation. 

In the mean time the other soul is placed within the vessel once occupied by the first soul. On the earth plane strong changes can be noted here also, as in the Charlie Sheen case much published on the mass media when his exchange took place. Strange but true believe it or not! Cue Twilight Zone theme here>.......Similarly even if you are contacting souls on the other side, and even if those of your own family it is worth noting that the agenda of the garden and producing this energy will always trump any other promises made or true insights gained so much of it can be deception again to increase the energy, to hell with the truth or being honest with you about their identity or anything else. The agenda to produce will always outweigh and trump all other needs. This is why John Smith, Applewhite, Jim Jones, and all others are led astray ultimately and while seemingly negative from this side as the mask we wear it appears vile, even evil it is actually a grand success for massive energies of the very important source of product we all come here for. 

Groups of souls (orbs) follow wolf packs to feast off the bio energies produced from the fight or flight of the prey, the attack of the wolves, and the entire thing feeds and makes energies that are exchanged in much more, much higher layered levels and ways by beings seen and unseen that feed from it to gain energy to live. I have witnessed it in schools of fish, birds, cats hunting mice and rats, and more. Orbs follow and feed off all energy produced in this garden from the staple lightning and I see them feeding off of storm clouds in Oklahoma often and running water current produced to that produced by the organic life forms all over the planet. 

They (orbs) like areas where running water splits into two and there is an island in the middle of two streams. Camp out in one of those island areas between two running streams I dare you! You will see flashes all night long and wonder WTF especially if you are a sensitive. Scavengers exist in all forms in all gardens also and these will show up at seances and the like, deceiving and pretending, playing with your emotions. Gee wonder why?While some resemble small ugly creatures like those seen in horror movies others are more reptile looking and I believe all of them are attached or hover near individuals that for whatever purpose they have aligned with and this is not uncommon or unusual for any of us to have this company at times in our lives.. 

I believe at times that we are attached to. We have our visitors of course but some stick by second and even third beings tho attached to the same body and that the body can actually get by with this even if it brings symptoms of flu, aches, pains and what not in time. At other times these light beings take their turns sometimes one after the other, sometimes for short pop ins and out with one being present most of the time and yet others stay for years each as if by the end of the life time the ego can look back over what could be multi life experiences because in each case a different light animated the body for that time, for that interest and so on. When attachments happen for other reasons it is usually a weak family member feeding to gain energy to recover and again something likely agreed to. 

If this is the case simply asking them to please detach will in short order relieve your symptoms and you will know exactly what I mean. Being family of course they will retreat. Ancients called them guardian angels. I think we guard each other tho. That is why you allow it to the point you would weaken yourself. 

I think I know now why many of the guardians appear as scary forms, you know them in the form of Gargoyles and other such creatures because these are about what I see at times around some people. Fierce looking I believe tho, that it is the image of the soul having the organic experience, perhaps an Archon. Not some evil attachment and I say that because when a child appears as the father both in spirit and in physical form it says to me this is a family having an experience no different than mine. 

We are the orb light beings, and at this time we just have a shell or vessel to experience in. At the same time orb beings of light and awareness hover around each of us. I have noted, especially when we lived in Arizona that orbs seem to prefer certain types of rock. I have seen them apparently fly out of some and usually, at least in Arizona and New Mexico, Utah and Colorado where we lived there in four corners these rocks where I saw orbs going in and out of were ones with drawings on them by Natives from earlier times. This told me they also witnessed exactly what I see and it confirmed for me what I see as to where they are originating.

There are aspects of light and dark in all of us. You, me, the guy next door, your mom. It doesn't matter. You like many separate yourself from the one God and you are not separate. Some outside force is not really representing evil, it is yet another aspect of a light being that like any other can at times exhibit both.

Think long and hard here. Good and bad things occurring, like successful and failing attempts are all events! They are not the being. You are capable of behaving and exchanging energies from hate to love, from courage to fear, and so on. The range of the organic life being expressions is what makes them so attractive to so many and yes negative and positive! You attract what you vibe to at each now! No BULL SHIT!

Almost forgot. Any being full of light, or one full of dark is out of balance, and most deny the other exists. Most all deny being bias in many ways also because people lie best to themselves after all. The dark and the light is within us all. Besides this all there is is right now! Those saying white light trap do not appear to be too aware of the fact that in the afterlife, that is to say, when the time comes that you exit this body shell, yo u are once again the light orb being of awareness, the true "I". Once here, as yourself, in the light being conscious aware self you are you will be effectively out of body! Follow? Okay, once out of body there is no deceiving! Please get this through your head,

ONE CANNOT LIE in the afterlife. They'll see right through your lie, and you through theirs! If there is any deception you know it, no one can hide who, what or their presences in your real being. You see as yourself, you hear, you know, there is no deception! If you fear, it is seen immediately by the others, they will say , "Oh please don't fear us" and know what you think, what you feel, and once calmed down you realize you also know all they think, all they feel, and there is no false.

As intelligent as these beings are we know now that the most intelligent response we can have to interactions of any kind with these creator beings or their servants is to be very cautious and fully expect them to turn on us should we trust them. Therefore even though their wisdom is great, and even though they pretend well with academy award winning performances we cannot drop our guard with them while in the body. 

In spirit we are all pretty much on the same page about this planet. That is why we take part in it but so many for whatever reasons choose to see something sinister in this not being able to separate from the body to see the world in the way of spirit from that perspective. From this side it does appear evil, sinister and unfair. 

From the other side looking in not so much. From the perspective here though humans need to realize the ulterior motive of the gods and their agenda will always trump any other loyalties. Their agenda has a higher more grand view than yours. Imagine it like this. Earth is like the ant colony living in and under the old roofing insulation and in between joints of wood in an old building. It has been the way it is from the last build job to what it is the day you tear into it to remake it. 

To the ants below that have their world disrupted by your big hands and claw hammer it is a calamity, but to the person doing the work, with the grand view of what they hope the new roof and wood trim will look like after new better, thicker insulation and more rot resistant wood is added none of the ant concerns mean much. The fact that the old had to be removed to do it is explained because it simply had to happen for it to be the way you wanted it to look ultimately. 

What survives of the ant colony, rebuilds, reproduces and grows learning to adapt to new wood and new insulation for a home stronger and ready to continue on but with vague memory of a past calamity. Remember this when dealing with any of the creator beings or the grays or any of their various minions doing their work on earth, at least as long as you are having the organic experience. We cannot always see the greater picture these beings maintain for how they see things. 

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