Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Game

I believe in the one being, 'The ONE SUPREME BEING'
the singular organism, begotten not made.
One in being with the father, and all other aspects of awareness.
I believe that this being created many aspects, and
that seen and unseen fingers or extensions of that self exist, all connected to the one being,
and that the manipulative fingers and awareness of the one being reach out stretching,
to experience and grow reporting back always connected to the one being
of which I am one aspect of awareness, and you are one, and he another and she another
and that these aspects, these first line awareness vessels are many,
yet one in being with the SUPREME BEING, the "ORIGINATOR"
All is within. There is no 'OUT THERE' all is inside, all is mental
The playground that these aspects play within is the mind of the one being and, in the mind of the one, is reality which is infinite!
All created right now by the One Supreme Being for our benefit, for his benefit.
I believe that light beings of advancement and awareness exist,
that the light beings are aspects, and that we are aspects of the light,
and aware that matter is light condensed, and all comes from light, all is light
and all goes back to light,
and that this awareness of the one comes in many sizes, many dimensions,
this awareness comes in many levels, in many forms,
some lights more advanced, more keen, more intellectual, more capable than others
some less aware, less capable but all connected unable to be apart from the One Supreme Being.

I believe nothing can be outside the 'One' supreme being,  maker of all things.
I believe that all life and all light, and all darkness,
all matter seen and unseen, is of the same oneness
including but not limited to the so called great Satan or Djinn, the Archons and the great angels and saints, like you just one of many other co creator beings of great awareness and light
and like life before you, some able to see and develop in ways others are unaware.
I believe that all appears separate yet all is connected and one,
that life appears to die, but nothing dies,
the One seems to forget but never forgets,
the One seems to eat others but partakes only of self,
the One seems to enslave others but only enslaves self,
the One lives forever birthing, growing, learning, reproducing, dying of the vessel,
but the light moves on fooling itself into immortality,
re-birthing as a baby to once more do the same,
forgetting for the moment but forever remaining in the game!

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