Monday, June 26, 2017

The Enchantment

It began as an experiment. As with all other things to do with DNA and the study of the human animal it was mysterious. The idea that one could inject their DNA into seeds and then grow foods and smoke especially geared for you?! I mean, to think of it! What are the consequences? 

The very idea that by soaking seeds in paper napkins soaked with your spit and only your spit and nothing else, and waiting for them to sprout to life was an amazing concept to me. I had witnessed my grandparents as they held many seeds in their mouths and planted by spitting them but it never occurred to me that the seeds were reading the environment of your chemistry they find themselves in to make a better product more geared for your person. Just as in water, the seed snaps to reading the great amount of information in the environment it finds itself in when in your spit.  

The shear amount of information that both of these things, spit and seeds contains in it is staggering! Once the seed reads this it will soon adjust to the new soil and having already read and accepted your spit with your body chemistry and DNA in it the plant now adapts itself to produce that which is optimum for that chemistry! 

Within the same split second that it sprouts to life the seed reads the stars, notes the time of year, positions of the planets and all that it needs to know about the soil it finds itself settled in and the cycle starts for the DNA infused plant to grow and it's that simple!

When I first read of how to do it I was skeptical. I thought to myself, no way. This is just old wives tales from a bygone time because someone else had grandparents that spit seeds when planting. But then I did one plant using the techniques I learned to insert my DNA into the plant itself and I was startled at what I witnessed!  To my surprise even though I planted this plant at the same time as two others of the same variety and species, in fact from the same source plant two are the same and the one done in my saliva is different.! It is apparent the one fused with my DNA to it was indeed changed. 

The changes are profound yet hard to describe. As with my hair growing stronger and heavier on one side of my head so too does the plant have a strong and weak side for the way the leaves grow, fill in and hang. The leaves have a definite unique structure and texture compared to the others and they fill in more thicker on the one side than the other just like my head of hair has always been. Even the girls that cut my hair notice how much thinner my hair is on my right side when they cut my hair and the longer I go between cuts the more profound it becomes as my left side is just heavy thick with hair on my head. This plant is growing akin to me and I don't see that in the others. I also find I have an affinity for it over the others. 

To look at them compared to the sister plant with my DNA you would not know they were the same plant as the leaves are shaped differently with a curve to them and the leaves are not just shaped differently but much much bigger and more numerous  per stem on the DNA infused plant. 

Further when this plant is ingested the fruit it produces has a much better flavor and my body craves it after compared to the ones without my DNA. The theory is that the plants done this way produce a fruit, or vegetable or smoke as the case may be that is specifically geared to your DNA. In this way you grow your own healing foods. The plants learn from your chemistry what you miss and need and try to pull that in for you.  In time you get well simply because the plant has balanced you out as you should be setting you right. When you meet someone sick you teach them the technique to grow their own healing food geared for their body using the same technique. 

But what happens when someone comes over and partakes of some of your food with your DNA in it? In short, you become linked permanently to that person and in effect the intake of this has altered if not changed their own DNA to some degree leaving a tag or marker of the event in their DNA strand from then after. Stronger ties emotionally and a knowing of someone are both possible if they use something with your DNA in it fed to them or passed to them to drink or smoke. Now they walk daily with some of you inside them.

If for example you used the techniques I was taught to grow your own tobacco from seed so that your pouch when full contained tobacco you had grown or grew just for yourself with your DNA in the plant itself the tobacco would work with your body to help you better take it in and enjoy it. In return others that partake of your smoke would then be linked to you more strongly in a telepathic way. Now some would argue smoking would make that impossible. I beg to differ but regardless, chews and snuff would certainly be considered things ingested and digested into the human body. When the plant contains parts of you in it, it is transferring those parts to others when they partake. 

 They are literally taking into their body some of you.  Depending on their own sensitivities your mood could and sometimes can affect their feelings the way a mother can feel her children, or know when one of her children has been hurt and you will find you can better tune into them and better know them if you were to smoke their plants with their DNA because parts of them would be in you and when they are out in the world and hurt themselves, their body tells those parts in you regardless of the distance just what happened, sometimes so strongly you simply know they are injured and you call them!  You will know who is loyal and who is not, and you will sense things and see images as they do and even bring up dreams they had and have that you shouldn't know about and do so repeatedly over time as you share these smokes and foods. The more of your DNA that they take in the stronger your bond to them. 

When one party is the only one that knows of this bond the other can use this to better manipulate and control the person they hire or work with, or grow closer to them and so on by using these techniques. For this reason it would be very bad to share in anything from any of the elite that run this world as they are likely onto this and use it to make slaves and keep better tabs of loyalists and so on using this and other techniques. When your cells are in another person, your thoughts can and do affect those cells even regardless of the distance and they know this believe me. With training you can learn to communicate with those cells and they know this too.

You could be sucked in and linked up with someone unsuspecting of it even happening and begin feeling loyalties and beholden to others you just met after not being able to explain these sudden and driven impulses. This is the effect of the hold of someone else's DNA in your system. If you smoked a joint of DNA fused smoke and the person there had his own ideas and wanted to he or she could allow many to partake of the DNA infused smoke or shared munchies of home grown vegetables all with this hosts DNA in them and over many periods of time over months and months or even years building very strong bonds that can never be broken linking them to you. 

These people many times can't even explain why they feel so loyal to this other person. It is because this other person has been trapping them in his trap for some time building up his own DNA over time into your DNA and as you go by his or her house to smoke once a week, or play bridge or whatever or twice or whatever you never knew you were smoking a genetic/telepathic trap to allow someone to better control your thoughts and dreams and reach you to make suggestions! People are doing this all over and it can affect you and your DNA. Be careful sharing drinks, smokes and passing around kisses like they were lollipops as you may be taking in more than you realize!! 

These people are evil and control the world. This is part and parcel of how they do so. My friends and myself in my circle are now genetically linked up as we each have shared our own DNA with each other adding that to our own mix and I can tell you as could they that we witness daily the strong connections we now share! I know when they hurt themselves and what part of the body! They in turn feel me as well. We dream the same dreams and sometimes see each other now in our dreams and remember it! This works! There is something here. Surely if I have discovered this someone else has and uses it! Be very careful of those you socialize with, and especially of that which may be fused with their own DNA. These link ups are real. They are happening and some of you reading may have already been affected.  Deviant type people live on every city block in every town in every country! IF they know, they'll use it. This paper is your warning to be aware of it. Grow your own. Don't share it. Share only the non DNA infused foods with others. Those specific DNA foods are geared for you or the person using their own DNA to improve their health and relationships with their plants unless you want link ups and discuss it among you. 

Some among you have recently written me asking how I know all this information and the pages that are to follow if you scroll back clicking older and older posts or use the menu to the right via the side arrows. Okay, fine, I'll tell you. When I was young I had a best friend. He was a half Iroquois and half Dine` (Dine` is Navajo in case you didn't know) We were practically inseparable when living on the reservation in Arizona. I am Dine` also.  During one of our ceremonies we made a pact that should one die before the other, the one that died would come back and explain what is going on to the other. Three days after my friend Gregor died he came to me in my sleep by my bedside and helped me from my body so we could share all that information. 

He was accompanied by another that refused to show his face while there. He or she, I am not sure, would occasionally display objection to some of the things I was being shown and told and I know I was not allowed to bring back all of it and that this soul was not pleased with the situation but an oath was made and a promise was going to be kept and Gregor kept it. Gregor took my hand and I was once more out of my body and we walked, then flew, then simply blinked out from one place to another in a mere second as he showed me various reveals and as a final tour he took me to the crystal city which was made entirely of quartz, buildings, swimming pool with clear blue waters and lots of happy souls I distinctly got the impression the entire time while there that I was on the moon for whatever it is worth.

Most of this memory was taken by the being with us who I'm not sure was even a human being but I recall enough to know what I managed to keep in my recall and later visits by my friend Gregor aided that without the companion to join up with me to continue disrupting the info. download. Undisturbed this communication went on for years. During this experience as he gave me thought ball after thought ball of compressed information I almost went into overload! At times the room I was in became very very cold so that I had to leave to get warm again. 

It took me several years to compose it all together and organize what I was shown and allowed to know.  Some of the following pages are studies from no longer published reports like that of the Haplogroups and my old college paper on altered states. Those are just nostalgic pieces placed there to keep safe but the rest of this, the Magnificent Framework, Giving You Pearls and the healing and growing information is all Gregor my friend. 

On my father's grave I swear to you the above and all that you read from here out is the information presented to me by my friend keeping his agreement with me as promised.  This is the stories he told me for how we all feel and see the earth garden, before we decide to come here for an experience of our own. Take it or leave it I believe it to be true and cherish the memory of this gift as one of the great perfect moments in time for my life in this experience. I have written it all down under my pen name "DEBEN-T" 

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