Sunday, June 28, 2020

How Slavery Really Began!

No one today has the nerve to speak the truth. They keep their tongue to maintain politically correct speech or simply because the consequences of that truth being spoken are so revealing as to be perhaps devastating to those learning that truth. 

So what is the truth? How did racism really begin? Well, first off racism is as old as man himself. Bigger means stronger and you have more say in nature and in the wilds of the animal kingdom, even in early hominids, size mattered! Bigger more dominant hominids enslaved smaller less able to defend themselves. And that was how it started. 

The stage was staggered with several species of hominids experts now agree. While many thought these species never competed with each other the truth of the matter is Cro-Magnon knew and competed against Denisovan and Neanderthal and all three of these dominated the smaller homo sapiens sapiens making concubines and slaves out of them from the time of their first meetings, at least educated opinions think. 

Cro-Magon ruled the planet, we think. There were separate kingdoms with kings and queens or rulers and spouses for every race. Anyone with RH negative blood type on planet earth is related to these ones believed to have ruled and anyone related to them is usually descended from royal blood in their respective cultures. All RH negative blood type in humans stems from The Cro-Magon who also gave us red hair, blond hair, blue and green eyes and more. What royals have kept from the masses is staggering in what they actually know about Cro-Magon! This because these ones with the copper based hemoglobin, AKA, RH- blood types are all related to Cro-Magnon! Those of this descent were the dominant of the earlier mentioned species existing on earth and due to that supreme dominance they disappeared first! 

Let me explain. They simply dominated the other groups they encountered being larger, faster, smarter, more agile and being that they enslaved so many of the others they met they eventually literally screwed themselves into extinction making babies with their slaves! Neanderthal took over after this and did the same thing and Denisovan did this in the southern parts of the world. 

All the RH? negative blood types were domineering over the smaller species they enslaved and did what they wanted with them! In the end though, it created a situation where they produced far more hybridized hominids to increase their own wealth and trade materials than they did pure ones of their own species! So the common man produced by all these royals was a mish mash of genes based on their own behaviors. Each race produced hybridized humans. 

Homo Sapiens Sapiens was everything from food on their tables to sacrifices, to mates, to sex toys passed around until they broke one of them and threw her or him away. They were used for trade or to become part of a higher status family by marrying them off into that family so they could spy for them!! In time these ones also made so many children with the slaves they eventually diluted their own gene pools down to very few left that were pure bloods! Then just like the earlier Cro-Magon they suffered a cataclysm to finish the job of nearly wiping them out. 

In time all that was left was the species we see before us today! At one time the royals of Europe were black men, and King James was in fact a black man of the Denisovan tribes but in time with the hybrizing going on and the marrying into other families the throne changed hands and switched over to the more Cro-Magnon-Neanderthal side. We can barely tell that there are differences between us today but there are key differences and technically speaking there are still three distinct and different hominid groups here on earth. 

Those of the lighter skinned tribes related to Cro-Magnon have ruled the earth through divine right of kings set up through the British Monarchy and before that in other parts of Europe respectively. All of these royals and all related to them are the last of the Cro-Magnon species on the earth. Some blacks and some Hispanics are also related to Cro-Magon as are several royal Oriental family lines. These families all without exception have RH negative blood and reddish hair and lighter skin than the respective tribes they rule over although many have no idea of their true roots. 

Being that the Cro-Magnon saw themselves as a different species than the others they encountered, and being that DNA actually proves they were correct this made it very easy to enslave those they dominated. They simply didn't see them as an animal that rated but saw them as a weaker animal of the planet they ruled. 

Neanderthal, where he could get away with it out away from Cro-Magnon clans did the same thing and so did the Denisovan clans enslaving many and being found in the gene pools of literally all but certain parts of the planet's population. Those that have the Cro-Magon genes are going to have one or more of the known traits that stem from them. 
RH negative blood, and/or RH negative recessive genes all come from Cro-Magnon
reddish hair,
blond hair, 
blue or green eyes,
tall, Gaelic or Teutonic appearance often and in darker skinned tribes of these relatives to Cro-Magnon the ones related to these have a very regal superior presence as well. Without exception the related clans have RH negative or RH negative recessive genes and reddish hair along with lighter skin tones! You can tell immediately you are in the company of someone exceptional that stands out from the entire rest of the tribes they rule over! 

The truth of the matter is that the ruling clans of Cro-Magnon that survived came to the surviving darker tribes and met them after a cataclysm. In time they became their relatives to the Cro-Magnon pures that mated into those families of the black clans. Making them family allowed them to leave kings to teach and rule them and not just to teach them kingship and how it works but other things as well. This was done when the Cro-Magnon clans came and taught them agriculture and animal husbandry after the last cataclysm. It's all recorded in stone in places by the Mayas, Sumerians, Egyptians and more. The men carrying the seed bags, the hand bags, the pouches! This is the Cro-Magnon clans and when those people were taught about growing their own plants and domesticating animals. 

Many of the remnant features physically of these Cro-Magnon relatives also present can be what is termed, "Remnant Bunns" or a cone or protruding head out the back or up but a slightly, "Pharaoh" shaped or "Royal Skull shape" of these Cro-Magnon relatives and it is often noted also. Today none of those studying this are allowed to tell you they know the genome of Cro-Magon and that they know immediately when they find a skull with a remnant bun or the beginning of a 13th cranial nerve bundle on the higher up parts of the cranium that it's a different species. They know it is a species even with a different blood type and number of chromosomes than you or myself but they can't say a thing about it even though they have it all! Why? Cause they'd be immediately black balled right out of their field for revealing it to you! 

 They know King Tut was one of them, and they know his haplogroup is Cro-Magnon and DNA proves this and that he had red hair and all the other features as that seen in Basque and Irish descendants of these peoples today! They've had it for years and they still keep it to themselves as too sensitive to reveal. 

What you see going on here is more than a race war! Its a species war for dominance of the planet and the ruling species led by Donald Trump adored by the rest of the Cro-Magnon race like him with the exception of the weaker minded ones caught up in mass hype and media hysteria are currently taking back their world from those weaker, less intelligent races that would wreck it! 

Just watch now as they kick the ass of every other species on the planet using their superior brain power and logic to remove them systematically mostly letting the idiots do all the work themselves at first so all that is left after is a minor clean up. 

Of course you see it as different humans divided but the truth is the royals are not the same species and whites are not the same species as the rest of the planet and blacks are a separate and distinct with the only common ground any of us have is the fact that we dominated and raped the little less able homo sapiens all around us which links all of us! 

The other parts of us are each unique and different. That is why the more intelligent clans have enslaved the lesser so easily and will once more dominate it and school the masses as to what happens when you poke the bear! It may not be as physically evident to those of you reading today as it was during Egyptian times but we are not one species of human being! 

We are three distinct species of hominids each with varying percentages of hybridizing that has taken place over thousands of years. The dominant race on this planet is still the Cro-Magnon, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Neanderthal. 

All the other races follow it's example. It has been this way for so long it goes beyond written memory! The Denisovan Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the Denisovan Homo Sapiens Sapiens Neanderthal will not be able to outwit the more evolved Cro-Magnon clans. They have followed the leaders for so long it's all they know how to do. 

In the wild the bull elephant does't just rule because he is a racist prick over every other animal he rules because nature gave him the dominant genes to do that through no fault of his own he rules cause he can back it up with action you can't stop. This is not racism, it's a fact of nature that size matters. This goes for brain size as well as physical size and trust me when I tell you that none of the minor races have what it takes to invent a world as advanced as the one we live in. They don't have what it takes to win this war either. They'll destroy themselves thinking all the while that they make progress when in fact the ones orchestrating it all sit back and watch while they do it. Intelligence matters and those out in the streets? They don't have it! The ones called the puppeteers causing them to want to be in the streets in the first place, the Cro-Magnon clans did it and it's part of their plan. The mere fact you are out there doing what you are doing proves their programs have you! Hook line and sinker you've all walked right into their trap and their plan and now carry it out for them! 

All the while claiming how smart and capable you are not even knowing or realizing you've been masterfully manipulated by a higher minded species.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Underground Railroad DUMBs

For the story to be told I must remain anonymous. 

In the summer of 1989 we moved here. The story takes place somewhere in Oklahoma! There was nothing unusual about the property we purchased. It was modest but comfortable, in a smaller town situated in such a way as to hide in plain sight a small farm in the city! We loved it immediately and negotiated a price. In no time it was ours it seems now looking back. 

We had lived here about five years when the, 'clanking' began. I worked in the shop that came with the property and sometimes late at night. What I did made me quite famous so I can't tell you what it was I worked on but it made me so well known that to reveal it would reveal me as well. When I'd be working I'd be doing something and then I'd hear it off in the distance. I would stop, listen, wait, and no matter how many times it happened I could never identify where it was coming from. 

This went on for ten, maybe twelve years. Then Oklahoma had a big earthquake that was the biggest one so far to date at this writing. The foundation of the driveway broke, a ledge of the yard sitting on a limestone slab so massive as to defy the imagination slipped on one side falling one inch deeper leaving the other side up where it was. One whole side of my yard dropped. The house cracked in half and had to be repaired. The popping noise that came from this was amazing!

The entire ground rippled in a wave. We checked the damages and none could be found except for the half of the yard that slipped off and down to the west. Or perhaps the upper half slipped to the right I really don't know. All I know is that afterwards we not only could hear the clank loud and clear coming up out of the ground but now a very definite cool draft of air was also coming up out of there at a pretty fair rate.

One night when working in the shop with a friend over we had some beers. We had some smoke and we were happy when we heard the noise again. I told him about the vent of air and of course off we went to investigate. My friend was a private detective. He is a very inquisitive type. As we dug quietly removing dirt and then rock we came to the split that occurred during the earthquake. We could actually stand there and look down into the earth and see a light way down in there! 

At first it was hard to see because crap from our dig was blowing up out of there because of that draft! As it removed the debris so we could look down without being sandblasted it became apparent from the noises that something was down there and then it happened! A train went by deep underground and we could see it as it went through at tremendous speed! Both of us stood back in awe at witnessing this proof of a deep high speed underground railroad running under Oklahoma going in a north easterly direction! 

Swearing secrecy between us we in time monitored and made notes of all we saw going on down there. People, both civilian and military, politicians, some of which surprised us to be under OK because earlier that day they were on the news live in D.C. and yet a bit over an hour and a half later they are under OK getting off a train!!? 

In time we obtained a plumbing scope camera to plunge into the hole with a camera to film with and a audio to listen. As we dropped it past a certain point the view widened and we could suddenly see this was much much more than just a railroad! This was an underground highway as well with full size trucks and trailers and gas stations, strip malls! Deep under Oklahoma are all the modern conveniences seen above only reserved for the elite of the world only! 

Even the truck drivers were only allowed to pull in, get filled, use a rest room if needed and proceed on they were not privy to other places we saw elite figures sitting. In time we feared if we were caught spying we'd be in trouble so we retreated the camera and hid the spot showing the crack. Years went by and we rarely talked about it. Then my friend died. Now I've got stage 4 cancer myself so I talk. 

There is a real underground highway interstate for full speed autoban traffic speeds and a high speed train system under the earth in the USA. If you knew where to stand on my property you'd still hear the clanking of the ramp where the trucks pull up to weigh that we heard all those years!! It's an underground weigh station with security on steroids to make sure cargo isn't even stolen in transit by the drivers or others. 

We overheard one driver saying just three more of these stops till CT. which told us two things. There are more check points to secure secret shipments and this highway and rail system spans the country deep under the earth! The tubes are like glass at the top. The only reason we got through was because the earthquake cracked the tunnel open just like it did my yard. 

This story is true so help me God on this day June 16, 2020. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Seeing and "SEEING FOR REAL"

To understand why the elite, and royals and all of Hollyweird (my name for Hollywood) in general are all full of gender benders you have to first let go of what you think you know about the creation of man. Consider that it is possible that what you know has been manipulated to twist the truth so you can't see it. The bottom line is there are two species of hominid running around currently, one group hiding and pretending to be like the other and the other group that is unaware of the truth of the situation.

Ask yourself why would the elite oldest families of these tribes of people hide in plain sight when they are elite and wealthy? You ask me how they deceive? I'll give you a clue! Harvey Weinstein is a hermaphrodite, an intersex person, that is to say a "HE/SHE or both a man and a woman! He ain't the only one with a great deal of power and say in the world hiding in plain sight either!! Read on! Your eyes have been closed for too long!

In this very open time of Caitlyn Jenner's coming out why would they hide? These intersex people are all around you! Big stars in fact show themselves to the world as that which they lean toward but so many are actually both sexes. They have both a physiology of a man and a woman, that is to say they have a penis and they have a vagina! Harvey is not the only one and if you are unaware of this well, look it up! It was revealed in a courtroom under oath by more than one of the victims of Harvey apparently when he was sentenced!

One witness said that he has a vagina and had to take pills to make his penis hard! Harvey is one of the first people as described in Chap. 1 of the book of Genesis. They are everywhere! Beautiful Goddess or made up pretty face on a little boy's body? Is that a man or a woman or is that a secret intersex person? Normally, under normal conditions this is nobody's business. But I think under the circumstances here you'll see that it must be our business. Decide for yourself.

That curse by the creator to their kind is why they hide, or so it is said but it is not the only reason! They, that is to say, those like Harvey created the Hermetic texts which lays out the knowledge base of 'Man' which is them further in advance from the humans, which is you. The emerald tablets were hidden from human beings reserved for 'man' only. You must understand that the first group considers themselves to be 'mankind'! You are are human beings. And no no those secret texts with real truths are not for you or any human being they are for the men or "Mankind" only it is part of the reason they are called "Hermetic' texts. For the first tribe only, or "Hermaphrodite Eyes Only".

They believe in 'unnatural' things these first ones. They abuse, cheat, lie, deceive, eat, crap on and generally berate all natural things made by the creator remaking them in their own image and light. The being the creator that cursed them and favored us over them is no longer in their favor! They could not get away with this if they did not hide because if you knew the truth you would not stand for them being where they are doing what they do both to you and this world!! That is why they hide it and themselves.

They are not accepted where they are known about in many places in the world and yet here they are in our face hiding right in front of you in plain sight everyday devoutly practicing their religion, even showing it to you in detail in symbols all over as they go about spitting on and then twisting your children's minds to suit their own unnatural desires just despite you and their creator even eating and devouring your children in sick rituals reserved for their kind only. I have always believed that the movie "THEY LIVE" is truly about this situation.

These are not just transgenders as most think, they consider themselves the true rulers and owners of all including human beings and that god gave them to them in chap. 1 of their book although many of the regular worker humans corrupted by them that are conflicted types now thanks to their programming do follow them and agree with many of their belief systems just because it feeds their greedy desires and insecurities!

The largest group of the first man creation by the originators do abound now in Hollyweird taking part there with some delight! They are also in leadership positions throughout all gov. and are all over London and the Crown! Many hermaphrodites these days were fixed at birth and although only one sex now thanks to doctors they often still exhibit traits or tendencies toward the opposite sex. This is especially true in fantasy with them in their writings and their own desires and partner selection.

In fact though the transgender and gender being fluid thing is all easier when you are seeking out , training and installing doctors of a specific specialty all over the world to 'fix things' for people even unbeknownst to them at times wouldn't you say? Most have no idea of the truth of the situation or the magnitude of it.

These of the elite class are said to be tribes, bloodline families, very old money families of hermaphrodites 'intersex' people all related to each other. At this point, these of the 'Royal' class have interbred with humans so much that often they are diluted themselves so not all of their children are born both sexes. But with their religion twisting things to suit them not God this matters not.

They breed children for each other and sell and trade them. Seeing us as property and themselves as above us and all else they adorn themselves with glamour and glitz also and Cher is a prime example of this as are other lime light stars. Why the name alone is believed to be by many literally a command saying 'see her'. (C- HER) See Her = CHER) as opposed to seeing "HIM" that is or was also there for those with the eyes to see and this individual is thought by many and has been rumored to be intersex all her career, AKA, a hermaphrodite. It is also no coincidence that her child is one born as a female but changed her gender!

Cher's daughter/son actually being another example of a intersex child being born into an intersex family or a member of the 'Twister Religion" doing everything in reverse where the doctor picked the sex because these "Twisters are ones that do everything in reverse, backwards. Taylor Swift? What does a name tell you? Daryl Hannah! Amanda! A-Man-Da! Cher-C-her-See Her! "The Cara Project" film! Did you know it's rumored all over Hollyweird how this film is one of their pride and joy pieces of work in the "Twister Religion" showing how they took a perfectly normal natural little boy made by God and turned him into a stunning and desirable female model now showing it off to show God and the world how they can do better than God did himself!

Justin/Justine Bieber is believed to be a herm. Angelina Jole, the list goes on back to before the days of Hollywood and way before that. These are all rumored to be hermaphrodites or people born into these bloodline families prone to giving birth to such children with both sexes making them physically male and physically female hominids.

That ain't all! We all could be victims of this. Many of those growing up feeling as if they are a man when they were born a woman biologically or the opposite of this where the woman feels trapped in a man's body were 'fixed' unbeknownst to them of course or their parents! This because it was done while the baby was still in the womb! Imagine a large scale attack on human beings by mankind! Human beings that are considered property and an attack that employs specific doctors of the first religion, the 'Twister Religion" to change the sex of fetuses in the womb when detected so that patient after patient after patient of the common man and lower class was told when they were pregnant with a boy that it was a girl even though it wasn't! So if this happened and the doctors began secret programs to change the sexes of the babies with drugs while still in the womb of their mothers it would explain the sudden explosion of gender benders right?!

Imagine now the other side of the coin where those of the religion take part in this behavior willingly and knowingly doing this to their own children just because someone else was promised the child and wanted the child a particular way. This is so easy to do on the masses of the poor and uneducated out there that what ends up happening is the children they have done this to birth and grow up being conflicted and feeling as if they are trapped in their body! We could all be victims of reversals while still in the womb by doctors that were part of the same unnatural believer religion!

If you see them win an award for anything in Hollyweird they are a member of the same religion that believes in 'unnatural things' and the Dr. picked the sex for them or 'gender assigned' the baby, often while still in the womb and many of these people take part in the baby swaps, arranged marriages and so on. Believing in 'unnatural things' when they see a natural female in the womb they like to change it to male, and when they see a natural male in a human woman they change that boy to female and from the looks of things our own royal family here in the USA, the Trumps are a family of gender bender members of the tribe themselves, perhaps outcasts perhaps not we don't know. I mean come on! Don't you know why all the women are two heads taller than the men in Hollyweird!? You do now though right?

Tell me! Why do you think the doctors to the elite are turning up dead? Maybe they know the truth? These 'benders' are mostly trans these days with the doctors gender assigning the babies or 'fixing things' at birth at the request of the parents or the person that is supposed to take charge of the baby after it is born! To be clear they are one sex physically when born a lot of the time yet many times born with intersex features but the doctor takes over at that time for these families or when the children are young. Sometimes this is done using drugs but in past days these families had a higher birth rate of natural children that are both sexes as well as twins! As with most of the hermaphrodites born one sex will be the dominant. This doesn't always bode well for the child if the dominant sex was male but the sex ordered by the parents was female. And of course it can go the other way as well.

Eugenics and the recent transgender push all with statistics shows that in England alone the number of young referred to the only gender identity clinic there has doubled in the last year with twice as many biological females seeking treatment over males. So there is ample proof some hanky panky is going on with births and doctors causing these conflicted children to be born in such high numbers. All these transgenders are additional camo for the elite though that I speak of you see? This to make it that much more difficult to find the ones pure that are hiding their true nature as intersex among you that you see treating you like property and abusing you?

So, when born and they know who they are and keep in contact with each other as they are only a small percentage of the pop. They are easy to find, because they live behind walls, and are the ones arranging marriages and selling children after choosing the sex for the handler. The handler who often times has been promised the child through these bloodline family arrangements and upon birth the parents are then to turn the baby over to the 'handler's like they are goods or property.

Who raised Charles, the father of William and Harry? Do you know? It wasn't his parents! Brothers and sisters get separated this way often and many times the sexual trauma and abuse starts at home. Same family lines though bred to make children and then carry on the tradition. Chelsea Clinton has a known handler according to some researchers. The family lines can be seen in the children in passed on traits such as Helena Christianson and Carman Diaz having one of the same parents. Habsburg's have a distinct upper lip that is passed on, such as that seen in Castro, or John Kerry both related BTW!

They are gender chosen by the parent babies if rumors are true also many times you can tell to look because the men are shorter, the women are taller, the women have broad shoulders, big heads, man jaws, and the men often like Trump have small hands, small eyes, small ears, all features of women even the jaw! These are indicators of womb sex change but many other times the handler or person getting the child or that ordered the child will name and take the baby also and ordered that sex.

While these elite rich intersex families keep accurate and detailed records of their own they play with the masses as their property, seeing them as just another of the animals the creator gave them and never took back and using them for all manner of cannon fodder, sacrifice, meals, slaves, sex you name it and under a grand museum (Getty) some 100,000 young sex slaves are kept for all of the above and more like Nazi type experiments that led them to be able to do what we witness in Hollywood and the world. They consider themselves the only true rulers, the only truly aware and competent life forms on the planet and look down on lowly humans.

Many Hollywood children are born into life this way and have 'handlers' all their lives and many others are made to order specifically for other people and have no idea this is not normal. They can change the sex while the baby is still in the womb even easier today than years back and make it what the parents want so easy now it is beyond the ability for the lowly masses to even know all about their advances.

In other instances twins or siblings are separated and with twins in particular where one may not even know about the other or not one of the two most often commits suicide as in the case of Alex Jones and Bill Hicks who are typical examples of what I am describing. It has been said for years that the Obama children were made to order for them just this way! Amanda *What's in a name? A-Man-Da* Bynes is supposedly one of these children. Supposed to be a baby boy, the parents didn't want a boy. They have to tell you! They can't hide it, it's part of their religion so everything is out there! They show you in symbols, they show you in words! You just have to train yourself to see it! Beyonce, her husband, both of these family lines of the bloodline and said not to be what they appear to be for gender and pay attention to all they tell you about their religion in her videos! Its all there, the Obamas both of these family lines also and also not the gender you think they are if rumors are true. This crosses all races by the way.

Once you train yourself to begin looking because you now know where to look and what to look for, those that believe in 'un-natural things' and go out of their way to take anything natural and change it to their unholy designs, the next thing you know you see it everywhere! If it's twisted and un-natural it's their MO and goes back to these family lines! So, to really see it you need to put make up on the stars that are male and take it off and masculine up the look of the women to see them more clearly so when they do the same clone in the opposite sex you can spot it. Examples? Yes indeed we have fine examples as they are much farther along than you realize! You see so many faces over and over again in Hollyweird that it's getting to be the creators of these children brought up by handlers are getting somewhat repetitive and sloppy!

Lets look closely at some rumors going around Hollywood shall we?Brad Pitt and Rebecca Romjan are said to both be clones of Robert Redford who is a clone of an even older elite broadway actress from the 40s I never heard of or found a picture of to show you. Tom Cruise and Natalie Portman are said to be clones of each other Vin Diesel is believed to be yet another made to order child, a clone of the one that played "Seven of Nine" in Star Trek Voyager Jeri Ryan. Both of these are believed to be clones of the earlier version, Lauren Holly!
Will Smith and the singer Rhiana are said to be 'identical' clones of each other. More rumors?
Jim Carey and Courtney Cox are believed to be clones of each other Hugh Jackman and Judy Greer, said to be clones of each other Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are all rumored to be clones of each other and Ben Affleck and Scarlett Johansen are believed by many to be clones of each other For many years CG artists have had a time playing with this one as well as the Brad Pit/Rebecca pictures, Ellen Barkin and Liem Nieson are believed to be twin clones of each other!

Last one, Ashton Kucher is reportedly a clone of Jackie O' widow of JFK! It is also believed that many of these children are raised by their owners or handlers sporting compartmentalized minds having been manipulated through MK ultra mind programs and many have no idea of their origins once they meet their handlers they are never told in most cases until they are much older at an age to reproduce themselves or branch out into public office to have a plausible history put together for them by the tribe.

I could go on, because rumors abound about how the unnatural believers operate and it's the same MO everywhere. Rumors around the likes of Liza Manelli, Britany Spears, Lady GaGa and more all of which link to this same member only club of 'unnatural believers' each time! Trust me they do not hide it you just have to be awake to know what to look for! I guarantee you have some living in your own neighborhood! You want to know who they are!? Stop wearing make up and being unnatural. Go back to basics and natural! They never will!
Story by - Oscar Linkmeyer: Sausage maker in the village!

Notes: " quote from Mauro Biglino biblical and Vatican scholar:
Sumerians, who were much more precise and who knew those were not unerring gods, had no scruples about telling of their failures. And they tell us details with higher precision than monotheistic thought all of which was inserted into the Bible later. The Sumerians tell us quite plainly that these guys had a whole bunch of failed attempts before they created or even came close to achieving the right slave! 

They made a lot of mistakes. Those of you that followed the Dolly sheep clone years ago but they don't tell you about the 240 attempts and failed sheeps before her. That is not a made up number. Real number. Sumerians wrote of the same thing of these guys. The Sumerians tell us of these guys making one that could not hold back urine, one that could not close his eyes, one with a crooked spine, one without genitals, one unable to eat, I don't even remember them all but not important. 

They made a lot wrong. A really horrible one is made note of, one made by coincidence with the extracted material from the blood of one of the presumed gods chiefs! How bout that, the least successful attempt was one from Enki's own blood. At some point they gave the other of the big two bosses a try. Enlil. Can you imagine? From Enki they got a complete and horrible failure. It was a hairy being with a closed throat, imperfect eyes, twisted ribs, and paralyzed spine! It's heart, head and intestines were damaged and all written of in precise detail! It was also unable to lift it's hands. 

These translations are NOT from Sitchin! Because Sitchin is important but one has to go beyond. Regarding Sumerology I follow the translations made by academics. For the record those are the translations of Giovanni Pettinato who was a world wide authority when alive. 

So these are the translations of an acclaimed academic in the field, recognized worldwide. Incidentally he was the chairman of the European commission for the creation of a Sumerian dictionary, hence a real undisputed worldwide authority! 

I mean no people is so stupid to create such a type of god to adore them?! The Sumarians tell it as they saw it. They describe how these guys to be feared moved forward by trial and error. 

Evidently they told us those things to remember them, obviously with the linguistical conceptual cultural instruments they were provided with, but they told the story in the way it likely happened. The Bible is a lazy summary of it. Or actually they made two. One real, known by the incast, one fake romanticized for the masses. 

Author notes: There’s are videos on youtube and vimeo where they discuss the amount of funding the trans lobby has accrued in a short time. I've watched them and there are several good reporters on this topic actually that still qualify as true investigative reporters. I, unfortunately I do not recall names. And there’s Miranda Yardley who touches on the rich "autogynephiles" as she coined them, all in positions of power in trans lobby organizations! Bruce Jenner is said to be one of these individuals. Although that name no longer applies I suppose. Note that these and others out there among and in these same organizations get millions of dollars in patronage annually from big biz like Starbucks, Apple, NBC, CBS, etc. We're talking big $. Trans-genderism has received elite support also and they try to hide it quite cleverly.
Wealthy white men are at the top of the trans lobby did you know that? Wealthy white heterosexual men! What is with that? Who would have thunk it?
Magdalen Berns even responded to a VICE video where as I recall she gave a glimpse of how many rich autogynephiles live in New York alone and there is that word again! I had to look it up the first time I saw it in print. It basically means men that fantasize about being a woman to the point it's a thrill for them. They tend to be wealthier than God and speaking of God they were most all inundated in strict conservatism growing up how ironic is that?

So lets get the picture of what is before us in our heads! The men behind this trans movement themselves tend to be attracted to, no what is the word here? Ah! Gravitate! Yeah that's it and to wholly stereotyped visions of “womanhood” that look outwardly most times looks like it came out of the 50's Mad Men wardrobe. Going along with this same line of upbringing their exploration into trans-genderism is always going to be charged sexually so it is intense and explicit, and exploitable and there’s most always the plausibly deniable, but implied fetish element they stick in there somehow each time did you notice this? So again! The big picture! This trans-genderism is under the ideological leadership of the world’s least oppressed people! How do you like that! It's the rich white mfkrs and the richest and most educated conservatives behind the trans movement! What do you suppose they are up to? Let us take a look at what it accomplishes! Ponder this.
1)Trans-generismt promotes woman-hatred.
2)It is obliterating the concept of womanhood in popular discourse altogether and this "Me Too!" movement is helping it right now if you notice.
3)It is completely destroying feminism and all the work done over our life time and doing so through a cleverly hidden divide-and-rule strategy ; a) liberal feminists are employed as flying monkeys, (someone that does the narcissists bidding ) spying for the white conservatives behind it, spreading gossip, doing the narcissist agenda to inflict maximum torment on all those that oppose the narratives they present. b)This is done at any cost usually and even at the risk of taking the fall as the scapegoat at times! 4)Radical feminists are subjected to extreme censorship and violence on the other side and it is an automatic backlash to set back the hard earned but little gains for LGB rights in the past couple decades a) ; it has re-branded conversion therapy as being progressive b); it has declared lesbianism as being trans-phobic c) ; and it has introduced “gender identity” into anti-discrimination laws, just recently even again in California which completely nullifies protections in place by law on the basis of sex and sexual orientation!
5) It has given privileged white men an oppressed card to play that they carry around in their back pocket like some prize, which has completely slowed down the black liberation movement by the by and the socialist movement also since we're bringing that black movement up but, as both these movements try to reconcile things to get back to their original purposes of fighting for the oppressed they are dealing with the narcissists while they play political dodge ball with flying monkeys!

Friday, January 12, 2018

The War In Heaven

And the spirit of the Lord came in from behind me and grabbed me as I slept. Feeling as if two hands had me by the shoulders I flew up out and into the attic then into the air up through the roof of my house all the while as if hands were holding me firmly from behind by the shoulders I flew and was guided!

The spirit of the Lord took me silent, upon the clouds and I sailed and came to a great city of crystal and waters inviting and pure! I saw my lives and viewed myself, and then viewed myself again and then once more and then yet again as a youth with curly blond hair and the voice of God said to me these are the lives that you have led here and this is who you are! The voice then said come sit and learn as I share with you the story of the War in Heaven, that you will share it with your people so that they will never forget! And so I listened and learned and tell you now as best I can in my own words what I've learned and the story I was told by the spirit that guides me, the spirit, one of the Angels of the Lord God, the creator of mankind!

We are here now because of the war in heaven. Revelation and the Book of Enoch tell what occurred and how we all ended up here. 
Once upon a time there was a planet where the asteroid belt is now. This planet was known by several names in ancient people's tongues but Marduk was probably the most famous name so lets call it that for this writing. Marduk was a world populated by super intelligent life forms. 
These were recorded to be evil in the book of Enoch and refusing to yield to 'God's will' , and the Gods lived on Mars, and if you were to ask them the people of Marduk were always in trouble. This ruling species , the "Gods" as they were referred to by humans, but in actual fact the ancient writings referred to them simply as, "The Highest!", and humans,
 who looked upon these "Gods" as their creator, well, they wrote about these ones and they feared them. But the bottom line is that these Mars dwellers didn't get on well at all with the species and culture of Marduk.

This feud between these two species went on for eons in our solar system it seems and both had tech. much beyond what we have so they were quite high minded. Like the Hatfield's and McCoy's they feuded daily! Constant fighting and wars were the norm between the two planets and in the final war Mars actually focused great and powerful weapons that penetrated very deeply into the interior of Marduk causing the planet to explode in the process.
It is not known if they intended to do this or not. 

This explosion formed today's asteroid belt and wiped out completely one entire side of Mars and the atmosphere of Mars was also diminished such that many lost their lives on that planet. This is how the majority of the damage to the moon supposedly occurred and this also caused major upheaval on the earth in three or more places but not to the point it hurt the planet. 

Mars was completely shocked and ruined though, and now a dying planet! Only one planet was close that supported life. The only problem was the earth was abused over and over and over through time because it was never respected or cared much for other than it's value as a mine until Mars was nearly destroyed! 
The earth was a geological wonderland they mined and it was a quarry basically used for the mineral wealth they could generate and regenerate over and over again. It was used as a garden, a means to grow and make valued things for the various species of the universe that would purchase them. Remains of the cuts and goings on of these giant mining and quarry machines is still evident all over the planet to discerning eyes!

The planet earth was used to grow living organisms which were started, that is to say 'planted' here to grow for a reason and this organic carbon based life was filled with water which was the main ingredient their tech could use as fuel. Their fuel was hydrogen based and they would blast the planet with plasma shots from the sun via solar flares, because they know how to stir up the sun to shoot flares which used the water in the living organisms for fuel and fossilized everything it scorched and nearly instantly! 

But before they ignited the earth they would build pyramids in strategic places covering the land masses so when they turned them on to produce copious amounts of hydrogen gas the atmosphere of the earth would become saturated with it to make the fire good and hot and longer lasting! Then they would disrupt the sun and make it shoot flares at the earth causing great storms of fire breathing twisters all over the earth! Then they would come in and mine out the agates and gems from this what used to be living trees, plants and animals. Entire corral reefs were turned into petrified stone and shallow oceans dried up as fuel nearly all over the earth in repeated cycles.

Apparently the Pyramids produced hydrogen gas in great quantities. In several in the world including but not limited to those in Egypt the residue of hydrochloric acid and hydrogenated zinc can still be found in the place inside the pyramid chambers labeled as 'The Queen's Chamber" by Egyptologists.  These originator species of beings could when needed literally turn on any number of the pyramids to begin producing copious amounts of this gas into the air. The shafts in the pyramids, one on each side was how they fed the ingredients into the pyramid chamber so they could combine to begin producing this gas as proven by Christopher Dunn in his books. Then they ignite it you see burning off the hydrogen in the air using the sun and that within the bodies of all the plants, animals, oceans and so on leaving petrified remains. 

Then they grow it all back up again lush and green with new life that has no clue what is coming and when it is mature and ready they pack up and come in and do it again. That is why you can witness so many evident cycles of life many different sizes here in archaeological digs all over the world. Well that cycle of growth and quarry out all stopped after the great war in heaven described in Revelation. Enoch tells how this all took place because suddenly they needed the earth also describing how they cleaned it in a varied way you have to understand. 
The earth was 'cleansed' and that meant the quarry was not used, the mining equipment was hauled out and the garden was regrown to support the survivors. The fallen angels were dealt with eventually once they were discovered and in the end the creators of our kind pulled wise men from every tribe (race) of the survivors brought to earth and taught them the story of how the war in heaven made all this happen. 

The entire story of our hybridizing and creation is true. The creators of this experiment, and the human beings living in this garden that they created used a existing hominid to adapt the human beings to be suitable for this planet are part from here and part from somewhere else. The creator went to a great deal of trouble to 'build' each of the types created. 

We could not just come here because everyone brought here from Mars had different reproductive cycles from Mars, which had different moons so mating with existing life of earth was needed to adapt the Mars survivors over time. 

 It took generations and many experiments to get man to the state they are at today where women have an av. 28 day cycle here and men an av. 33 day cycle regulated by the sun and moon which they brought in to use to help adapt the new species to the planet. This all recorded in detail by the Sumerians and others of various cultures around the world, including myths and legends from China, Peru, South America, Mexico, India, Japan and the Native Americans. Some of the fallen angels mated and produced wives and children and these as described were different than men or the creators and they were a problem. Getting back to perfect in type, they were a problem because they were half breeds of an illegal mating not approved by management of this garden. Then they went out and wrecked havoc in the garden.

The fallen angels violated the garden bylaws and did the unthinkable! They interfered by living with and co-creating life with the experiments, and then kept the acts and the offspring they brought into the world a secret until they became such a problem that it became impossible to hide them any longer! The creators of this garden disagreed with this act of the fallen ones. However they could not violate their own policies of life just because some among them did this, so the thought of destroying the offspring was out of the question as they were innocent and to destroy them would make the creators no better than those they condemned.. 

The Book of Enoch tells us, "Some of the sons created in this mating of the fallen with the humans did survive", and these are the fallen hybrids were given their own designated areas. The royal peoples or blue bloods with RH negative blood type today mostly royals today that mate among their own and these were provided wives by the creator so they would not want!  But make note! There were none for the fallen for the angels that fell were left to want. 

The fallen angels were punished and this is told in almost every culture of this cataclysm and this so the sons left would not want but the fallen were made to suffer. The earth is a protected zone never to be threatened or breached due to the mistake the creator beings made in the past that they do not want repeated.

These sons and daughters from the fallen were given their designated area to the north. Those, the fallen that spawned them taught them many things while they still lived but for a great price usually and to even gain an audience with one of them was near impossible. Instead they spoke only to the sons they created before being condemned. These sons learned many talents and grew to great reknown with great skills. The humans were taught things the creator did not wish them to know like reading and writing, metallurgy and math, science, astronomy, agriculture and more! Literally all the wealth of information that literally sprouted up in Sumeria is a result of this knowledge passed on by these fallen ones.

The Watchers of heaven put here by the creators still maintain the earth garden for us to thrive and will continue to do so according to the book of Enoch. They also, and the angels of heaven that have not fallen, written about in ancient writings speak to certain of us from time to time in dreams and visions bringing light and information to us, also as described in the Book of Enoch!

Note: The being or race that created this garden still lives. They still watch the planet. Ample proof that this planet used to be their quarry is still here. Ample proof the being they used to hybridize a viable species of humans is also evident. It takes but a cursory look to note it all over the globe. Some of the evidence by NewEarth videos and others shows startling proof of cuts in rock deep into sediment that we simply cannot duplicate even today. There simply are no tools available to man to cut hard rocks such as this. These were done in the days when this was a quarry here. 

This race that is described in Enoch and said to have cleansed this earth to prepare it for the people here now which were made in their image not only mined and quarried this planet repeatedly to obtain valuable mineral wealth but also for gold. All of these minerals and gems and agates were created by these beings! They made them by growing first live organisms that occupied this planet and in all sizes and shapes. You see that evidenced also, all over the globe. These living beings were and are full of water which is composed of hydrogen and carbon. 

Their technology allowed them to utilize the hydrogen in all the living organisms as fuel and when the garden would mature they would come in and zap it with these plasma storm twisters generated by the sun because they know how to make the sun spit at the earth and they did so in the past repeatedly over time to petrify everything re quarry out all the once living trees, plants, beings and giants we now see all over petrified where they sat with blood coming from them in places and bones and cells and tissue shown that once identified humbles you profoundly. 

We know very little about our earth and when you try to tell the blind they will often fight you over what is right in front of them but you must point it out. Denial is just the first step. Believe me, in time they'll finally get it. Bigfoot proves the tales told in books such as the Book Of Enoch regarding the creation of mankind.. The creator race was the long skull or Cone Heads that originally occupied mars. We were created, adapted to live here by them. We are related to them but not near as intelligent. We are simply made in their image just as the ancient writings tell us.