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Giants, Long Head Skulls, Royals And Hiding In Plain Sight

Re: Known bipedal hominids with culture. 
In ancient times the scribes of the day depicted peoples in multiple places on the earth as coming in four skull shapes. Mongols noted 'the Bulbous Heads' and depict them in their literature and one and the same people can also be seen in Olmec remains and stone work in the Americas. 
In Egypt we see the hybrid variety or 'remnant bun' as it is called, or also more popularly known as the "Pharaoh Skull" as in that of King Tut and others of that lineage and more. Mitanni people are also directly related to these as the Mitanni provided wives to the priests and Pharaohs.
Then there are the Cone Heads! The ox blood and orange red hair Cone Head or "LONG SKULLS" as they were referred to when found! These are the ones that are 20 to 25% larger in both weight and brain matter capacity compared to the remaining known skull shape, the "Round Skull" or Humans. 

These four groups of different yet compatible hominids interbred. Some of their hybrid offspring live and walk today among us as royals. The royals try to hide this lineage but many feel that their remnant buns, their blood type, their intelligence as well as many other prodigal gifts of music, art, literature, science, medicine and more are all believed to stem from these once great clans of long skulls that ruled the earth until the last cataclysm. 

A great film to watch on the goings on of the Cone Heads or "Red Heads" as they were also called can be found on youtube in the Gabi Plumm videos in "Our Cousins Across The Sea and her other video both of which are wonderful and highly recommended. You will learn there of Patuko the Long Skull and the South Pacific tales of these cone heads eating humans and referring to them as the "Long Pig" the best of all meats. These cone heads were hunted down, chased from Egypt to Peru across the sea and then again across to Easter Island, and NZ and Australia and in all these places and on many isles they tell the tales of these horrible red haired cone heads that ate humans. 

Dutch sailors also tell of this as do others. Even the ones related to these cone heads that did not eat human were hunted down as man eaters. Many of these long skull clans resembled serpentine animals due to the nature of how they dressed in snake skins, alligator and crocodile skins and more seemingly fascinated by these reptiles. These people were great sailors and referred to as Snake Priests or Druids, Deneric or Maggi in other cultures and had still other names in yet more. 

These images of these cone heads to this day bring on the Grim Reaper image in one's mind. Some of those trying to escape being hunted were quite tall. Giant even, and they went off to an island to the west of modern day California.  Eventually they met their demise though as did others and many many of the dragon and giant slaying myths stem from these goings on.  The people tried to wipe out the memory of these horrible ones. Over time those caught being the priests that they professed to be were considered responsible for the calamity that befell the earth. 

As the priests made clear and taught, that every ounce of pleasure must be paid for with an ounce of pain the people realized the only way to heal the planet was to make a great sacrifice that must be special, unique and blessed. Upon great debate it was decided no one fit that description better than the priests that led them to this calamity so they began offering the priests to the gods to heal the earth. Then they began wiping out the memory of the cone heads and cranial deformation was banned. 

In those days it was forbidden for the four head shapes to mate and produce offspring between them because of the problems it had created in the past when they did. When these matings were done the correct way where the female or mother was the Nephilim or one of the pure Cone Head females, they could become pregnant from one of the males of the other species and they produced viable offspring this way which led directly to why it is traditionally monitored on the matriarchal side but when it was the round skull or one of the other head shapes that was the mother the offspring was sterile if they could become pregnant at all.

Even though these marriages were forbidden it occurred anyway in certain pockets of the world and viable offspring were produced from these illegal couplings. Those offspring became problems for the human population. This of course meant these horrors of the world could multiply and these offspring became known as Nephilim or Anakim which were even bigger or problem children by those that were trying to escape detection by leaving to other more remote areas. 

When these Nephilim were born neither side of their families accepted them in most cases and when they did try to embrace them they regretted it because in most cases these offspring were violent and possessed of deviant behaviors. This and their size and the threat they posed since they tended to be larger in size than either parent made this crime punishable by death of everyone involved and entire villages of guilty parties were wiped from the face of the earth at one time.. Sodom and Gomorrah are both such a place where these illegal 'hook ups' were taking place.

Some of the rogue elements of those reproduced by these illegal marriages are those responsible for the "Long Pig" stories we hear of today coming out of the South Pacific! These rogue giant cone head half breeds ate humans as a delicacy in those and other parts of the world!  This fact and the fear they generated are what brought these ones to their demise and it condemned all of the long skulls of earth in time because in the end it made humans very wary of these other species. The bible refers to them as being so large that just four of these Anakim seen in a village they wished to attack scared off an entire army force ready to fight until they saw those that would look upon them like they were grasshoppers!
In other references the Amorites scare off people in similar ways. These too are referring to illegal hybrid references. 

In modern day Kansas a great war took place between these tribes and the long skulls after the cataclysm and the remaining survivors of the impact strikes were literally wiped out almost overnight on this continent by the surviving round skull populations. Those that survived did so by physically leaving the continent to an island south west of California. This small island was a refuge for some time for the remaining surviving tribe of giant long skulls but in time these too were killed off by the round skull natives that feared them.

Royals today that are related to these long skulls of old hide it because of the facts presented here. They don't wish to be eliminated the same way and most feel or felt they were eliminated so to discover they are still here hiding in plain sight was a surprise for some. Fact is though a rogue element of these ones has taken the planet hostage and holds it dearly as theirs looking down on the lowly humans or round skulls. The Bolsheviks were feared so much by these royals because they knew this story and the truth and intended to wipe them out and finish what the ancient people started. They got half way done. Still work to do I suppose. Half the family survives in Europe yet but do be aware large factions of very aware round skulls know the full story and believe in the end this matter will be resolved. 

Here we see the defaced Pharaoh once more showing the level of extremes some will go to remove the memory of them from the masses. You see the elite, related to these cone heads do not wish for you to know you are technically a different sub species of hominid compared to them. This is much akin to the Lion (them) and Tiger (you) which when mated can produce viable, 'VIABLE" off spring but the offspring (Nephilim) are rejected, berated, and grow up to revolt causing all kinds of problems as they do not get on well with the others from either parent's sides of the family. Often times the offspring that is viable is also quite giant in size such as we see in the Liger. 

Next look here at Mr. Clapton's skull shape and note how you can tell at a glance now that you know what to look for that he is a 'royal' and you don't even need to ask you also know he has RH negative blood type and that he is not exactly the same species or even equipped with the same immune system as you. Go ahead look it up.

And more remnant cones shown here also, blue bloods and RH negative blood type and again my haplogroup. Interesting coincidence ey? See them? Not round skulls are they? Now you know how they know when they see each other. Or part of it anyway, at least for the purer ones of the mix. 

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All pictures shown below used with permission from B. Forester for educational purposes.  From the book by David Hatcher Childress and Brien Forester, titled "The Enigma of Cranial Deformation. Find it on Amazon. Its worth the price for the fabulous pictures if nothing else.  Thanks Brien.

Those mysterious ancient rulers with elongated skulls Rejected Cone Head Pharaoh
Scroll down just a bit once it opens.  Some came from other places not Africa!

Out of Africa Debunked Out of Africa? NOT

Brit is less British than you think!

You probably made note of my mention of the 'real bible' so here you go. 

On long skulls 
More on long skulls 

Part II

Dr. H.A. Miller
  (Now deceased)
Born in New England, December 12th, 1909… I was the first and only child of Christiana and Arthur Miller. My mother died in child birth and I was subsequently raised by my father until re-married to a French woman when I was 12 or 13 years of age. Soon after their marriage she bore a baby girl. I finished my high school education while living with my father, step-mother, and half-sister.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
I remained in New England for my undergraduate work. I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, the ocean and forestry. My under-graduate studies focused on forestry and land management. While in my junior and senior year, I was employed by the Federal Government.

I worked at Lockwood Farm (part of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station). I learned about hybridization in agricultural and enjoyed the hard outdoor work in the corn fields. I began to find great interest in the scientific workings happening with corn seed at the time.

I completed an additional year in Forestry science and graduated in 1930 with an A.B. from Yale University and an M.F. in 1931 (M.F. is a Master of Science in Forestry).

I labored at Lockwood Farm for a few years and gained great interest in science and medicine; by this time and I did hope to attend Medical School and become a physician. I expeditiously applied for Medical School and was accepted to Harvard and began my medical training in 1938.

Graduating from Harvard medical school (Harvard) in the early 1940s and I completed residency and fellowship at Harvard and began a very specialized career at the time in Orthopedic Forensic Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.  

Because of my previous work with the USDA, I was quickly employed by the federal government. My early years as a physician related mostly to providing medical support to various employee types (fire fighters, etc.) within the USDA/FS.

I also became the forensic expert and anatomist for the USDA and was called to examine most major accidental deaths of USDA/FS servicemen. Due to my interest in genetics and early experiences in agricultural hybridization, I was assigned to scientific teams, which investigated the physical nature of genetics.

Our early experiments determined that DNA is the component of the chromosomes where genetics should be studied; this, along with the efforts of several other scientists, lead to the discovery of the double helix structure in early 1950s.

It was at this same time that several of our team members were called to Bandera County, TX where the forestry scientists/biologists assigned to Edwards Plateau reported the dead bodies of a strange type of human. The first reports I received were speculating that they were feral humans from the local Comanche Indian tribes. The bodies were supposedly found in or around one of the massive caves within the Edwards Plateau area.

When I arrived in Texas, I was surprised to find 3 bodies; one adult female and two female juveniles. I examined them as I typically would any human subject. But to my dismay--one of these creatures still seemed to be alive. I became quite upset with the local scientists--but they reassured me that they confirmed all 3 were deceased.

After further investigation, I found that these creatures were not human. They, in fact, had a remarkable rapid reparative process (hence the reason one of the creatures seemed dead--but in fact was regenerating to a degree). Unfortunately the restorative abilities of the creature were not enough to keep it alive. They were massive in size and distinctly a new primate species unknown to science at the time.

I spent years studying these creatures (which are scientifically known as Cebidatelidae), confirming that they were most certainly not human; they were definitely of Primate origin, but with traits seen in various species of primate – most of which were New World monkey.

Cebidatelidae found in the San Antonio Texas area very much “howl” like a howler monkey (quite frightening to hear at night).  At one point early in my analysis, I found a great deal of similarity between these bigfoot creatures and the Howler Monkey- that was until 1962…..

In late 1962 early ’63 I was notified of a large human like creature by the Redding forest service folks in California. I arranged for transport of the body to my primary location in Colorado. It was reported to me that the body was found under a large tree that had been violently struck by lightning and blown to the ground, apparently killing this large creature.

During my investigation- I found the animal to be very similar to those I had studied in the Bandera County area of Texas, with some marked differences. This northern version of Cebidatelidae seemed to have the same new world monkey attributes I notated in the Texas animals (known today as Cebidatelidae texicanus or C. texicanus).

However, there were unique traits found in this Pacific Northwest animal (known today as Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus or C. nerteros pacificus) including thumbs that are not entirely opposable, as we see in modern humans. C. nerteros pacificus entire hand was truly designed for grip, including proximal pads; making the hand somewhat hooked like, having flattened nails resulting in my theory that these northern creatures developed an evolutionary arboreal nature while the Texas sub-family developed a trogloxene nature. 

This Pacific Northwest (PNW) creature found in 1962-63 also had scent glands on her forearms. This is more evidence that C. nerteros pacificus is arboreal to some extent, leaving sent marks up and down the tree while climbing.  Not only was this creature smashed by the large tree, but she was also badly burned with areas of lightning prints on exposed skin. I notated in my Medical Examination report of the body that it seemed as though lightning struck the animal passing through the body and into the tree; subsequently weakening the tree and causing it to fall to the ground. 

It did seem as though the animal had fallen to the ground first, with the tree falling on top of her afterward- but the evidence as to whether the animal fell first or with the tree is inconclusive. However, it is clear lightning struck the tree at a decent height of over 20 feet; therefore this animal must have been clinging to the tree at the time of the lightning strike…. more evidence of the arboreal nature of C. nerteros pacificus.

 C. nerteros pacificus also has additional medial padding on the feet, which it would use to climb trees by clinging to the tree with its hands and support its weight.

Both the C. nerteros pacificus and C. texicanus have oversized lower jaws, including massive sternocleidomastoid musculature. This must have been due to their rugged diet and, moreover, their need to crush bones. Their lower dentum at first looked as a second row of molars. But after years of research and examining the dead bodies of these animals, I have found that the lower molars are simply oversized or fused resulting in massive, bone crushing tools. 

Due to their jaw size and bone crushing dentum, it is also clear that all sub-family of this creature are omnivorous, predacious and opportunistic.  We did find that the female killed during the Columbus Day storm was pregnant with monozygotic embryos. All female Cebidatelidae bodies I have investigated throughout my career that have been pregnant have monozygotic embryos; this again, incorporating additional evidence of a new world monkey relationship.

 Due to my investigations of the 1950s bodies in Texas and the 1960s PNW Columbus day storm body- I submitted to the Department of Agriculture that this is a new Platyrrhini species and that a new family under the parvorder should be created. Fellow scientists of mine disagreed given the fact that the creatures we examined in both cases were obviously bipedal and catarrhini in terms of their nostrils facing downward (old world monkeys). 

However, the juveniles we have examined are much more platyrrhini in terms of nostril breadth and position. I won the debate in the end due to the fact that no evidence thus far demonstrates that these creatures crossed over from the old world- but are simply new world monkeys adapting to their various staged areas within North and South America*.

I have since retired and I know of some new University of Utah based scientists and Idaho who understand the genetics a bit better. Their findings are only supporting my original theorems, or at least I am told. These molecular biologists will soon understand the similarities with humans- once the human genome project is completed. As a result, I still refer to the Sasquatch species as Cebidatelidae with the following subfamilies:
Cebidatelidae arktos
Cebidatelidae nerteros pacificus
Cebidatelidae somphos
Cebidatelidae americanus
Cebidatelidae texicanus
Cebidatelidae amazonia

*Any of these species found outside the New Worldmust have originated from and migrated out of the new world.
All of my experience with this primate has been post-mortem, save a few unique experiences in the wild. To my knowledge a live specimen has never been captured except for once in Northern Research station in California. However, the animal did not survive in captivity and died after only several days. 

I, of course, examined the body. There were many rumors that this captured “Sasquatch” was somehow magical and could shape shift and that is why it couldn’t be found. The truth is… the folks at Northern Research station were very devastated and embarrassed that this live specimen died so quickly after being in captivity. So no, they are not magical. They are highly intelligent primates. 

Having one die in captivity is a very difficult to witness due to the human nature and feeling about the species. In reality, captivity will never be realistic for Cebidatelidae because of their size and complex brains. Similar to captive white sharks, the species cannot thrive in captivity and quickly die as a protective mechanism.

I have spent a great deal of my career as an expert for the federal government concerning Cebidatelidae and throughout the world, including the bodies recovered in the 80s due to Mount Saint Helen eruption. We made many recommendations to protect the species, but the DOI has constant concern regarding the impact of such a decision due to the vast number of areas this species inhabits. Such a decision would have potential negative impacts on the natural resource industry. The USFS is now working more toward creating protective wildlife refuges for Cebidatelidae.
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…others on the team focused on molecular genetics….
[There is an entire section here that I could not transcribe- Handwriting was illegible]
…. the USFS and the DOI is recognizing now that the natural resource industry is not the economic center as it once was. So a final decision has been made to finalize the class 1 identification of the species. There is a 20 year plan to incorporate all wildlife protection areas throughout many areas of the United States to ensure federal land protection for Cebidatelidae starting with California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

I was upset by this decision because the first location the species was identified scientifically was Texas. I petitioned and as a result, the Government Canyon State Natural Area will be protected, opened to the public and expanded in Bexar County, TX. The long-term plan will be to open each of these designated “Natural Areas” to the public. Once all of the designated Cebidatelidae “Natural Areas” are open to the public, the DOI will announce the species as an endangered New World Primate. I am not sure if this will happen, and the Government Canyon State Natural Area will not be open to the public until 2005 and then expanded later in 2009, and then again in 2012. This will all happen long after I am dead I’m afraid.

I am currently still living in Colorado and I have attempted to journal my experience with the discovery of this new massive primate. The species is amazing, powerful, and deadly if angered. Like any animal, it will protect itself, its food source and its young at all cost. Artiodactyla are Cebidatelidaes’ primary food source. It is imperative that the federal government continue to designate “Natural Areas”. Otherwise, a scarce food resource available to Cebidatelidae will result in more opportunistic feeding behavior and closer interaction between Humans and Cebidatelidae. These creatures and human beings simply do not co-exist.
H.A. Miller, MD, PhD (Now deceased) 
Influenced by the writings of Anatomist Dr. Thomas Dwight among which includes: "Frozen Sections of a Child" (1872); "Clinical Atlas of Variations of the Bones of the Hands and Feet" (1907); "Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist" (1911)

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The Magnificent Framework

The secret writings of D`EBEN-"T"
Hello: Non-Fiction! You should sit. This is some head bender stuff! Yes!

Beginning. Chapter 1  The body is a tool for consciousness. A tool for entities to use, a energy vessel for experience.

When you play with the dial of anything electric that has an output you modify it's frequency, vibe, wave length, amplitude and intensity! Therefore by tweaking that dial up or down, right or left, or from turning the dial from positive to negative you can adjust the levels as you need or want if you know how. Some would say one side of the pole has a 'low' vibe and the other a 'higher' vibe or amplitude but it is not the vibe by itself that matters when it comes to the vessels, or body energy units of all the experiencers here in the garden earth experience. 

Think of this as akin to playing a chord in music. Anyone can strum a chord but if tweaked the right way, with technique, or a soft or hard touch, or a controlled pat or tap you can get good at making the instrument give you that very specific unique sound you want and some instruments give off more energy or amplitude than others of similar or identical type even if strummed the same way as any musician knows. With time and practice this 'touch' can be done with great consistency and skill even moving from one instrument you know very well to another you just came upon and decided to check out but everyone has their favorite instrument they go back to often or prefer! In the case of this garden though, the instruments are the vessels, or the biological carbon based units we call bodies that those of us here use for experience. This means all bodies in the garden which includes all animals and plants. The entities doing the strumming however are entirely something else not having a in the body experience here, but yet the same at the core as each of us. We are all photons of light with awareness at our core, but some of us are with body, some without. 

The intensity of the frequency of the energies produced here in this garden by the biological life forms is what matters to those that are without body. As it turns out we have some virtuosos playing on the organic life forms here on earth all the time and with great skill, even artistry! In fact some of you reading were once quite skilled at scavenging energies off biological life as we all were because we've all been without bodies ourselves a time or three! The creators of this garden play emotion off the organic life here with the skill of a great musician as well as the earth energies herself, and elements at all levels of their existence. Since we are all co-creators of this garden that means we are talking about you! It means we are writing about me, all the other people and animals you see and so on and all play on the fire energies, they play on the water energies, they play on the air energies and they play on the space or consciousness energies most of all! These components make up everything including the players of course and consciousness to all levels of existence use the power of their intention and will to move these energies about in a grand magnificent framework of exchange all connecting to one being.

I have come to know that currently we humans along with all other organic life on the planet, plant, animal, reptile, crustacean, fish and human and everything and anything else are seen simply as a tool for energy, a unit, or vessel by the non physical or rather, the 'multi dimensional' light being creators of this garden, of which, believe it or not, you are one!

Pure light awareness exists. You in fact are an orb, a energy being, a light of awareness now joined with a vessel of your own shaping, growing out with it in such a way as described after having awakened as a baby once more, but don't lose sight of the fact that this is a consensual agreement and you wanted to be here. In the end since the nature of the universe is predatory you have done this many times and you are the sum total of all the various ego experiences you've had/are having in other time lines..

Actually, most of the soul life that plays, works and experiences here sees this process of learning and growing experience through the vessel to gain energies in this way as well; kind of the way a bee keeper might see his or her bees I suppose as its all one purpose for the production of the honey. The bee keeper may not always enjoy getting stung to get the much needed product he needs for health, energy, sustenance or just plain enjoyment but as the old sayings tell us, sometimes you have to shake the tree to get the fruits to fall down on the ground to gather them up! The hive here is the entire earth though and these bee keepers monitor us and the planet keeping it healthy for us because all these vessels produce the honey, or energy this garden was designed to produce.. And the earth is indeed the honey pot if you will for life energies and they, the "Others" as we'll call them, the bee keepers of all the earth bio-life! 

 Like the flower that must be stimulated to produce the nectar and pollen so that the bees may produce the honey, that in turn feeds humans and other animals in ways not even known about fully by man as well as protect the bees, so too must the man be stimulated to produce the chi, the energy to be harvested so that those harvesting said energies, the gods if you will, may do what ever it is that they do with said energies they produce. 

This as the energy exchange spirals about in all directions because all life needs energy. We all need energy, we all recycle and exchange it to recharge and this is a universal law that goes on above and below the levels of your perceptions to both seen and unseen life forms. This energy can never die if we are to believe physics but it certainly can and does dim and your light can and does weaken while here until it exchanges energies with other life here when it just transforms over and over recharging and over each time in repeating cycle conscious and aware of it the whole while! When you are hungry you eat!  All life exchanges energy and needs it to continue on to replace what is expended including all of you reading this! Your aura has holes in it now, from your own goings on and from others weakening you as you've grown up and out and if you continue on you will learn shortly how to patch up and bring back up your light! Not only will you do this but you will feel the difference once done too believe me! 

Maybe it is time to realize you are energy beings of light? That's right, orbs of awareness that are perfectly capable of being aware and alert outside of your physical bodies because you know perfectly well you were alert and aware outside of that body before. Start now to focus on that instead of this physical side and things change for you pretty quickly. Lets continue. We are energy beings and being such we reciprocate energy back and forth.  

Being that we are energy beings and that we both need and expend energy we both receive and send energy as direct consequence of said need. In other words both go hand in hand. This, just like we receive and send sound just like we receive and send thought and just as we send and receive light. In fact these are all related. This life energy must be replenished when it is expended. To some extent the body regenerates this energy well when young but even the young must eat. The energy, the light must come from somewhere. If not, then we lose life energy. But the energy that we gain mind you, is from other life, or so it seems to most. We sustain ourselves by the energies and light of others here. 

These energies discharged from us, this light that leaves us during death or emotional expressions and indeed daily life as we burn off calories, voluntarily released and not so voluntarily, each one with it's own unique flavor or frequency tuned and modified as described here within for all to see are bio-electric in nature. 

Further this electro-chemical bio energy from organic life, which is again, all physical life you see on the earth, in the air, in the water and on the land is something very important in the garden and to all life and consciousness. In short its why we are all here. Every single one of these beings emotes energies when stimulated just like you. 

Energy is key to life and the energy channeled by organic life forms is more than special. Organic life produces energy when it emotes! This does not matter if it is an amoeba or the highest life in the garden! All life emotes here in this garden, even plants! 

This energy is controlled, that is to say the intensity of the energy display of production from the emotion of all the 'vessels' here is what matters to the creators of this garden. 

With that said, know that intense feelings of fear can be generated easier than intense feelings of love here in this garden,  but both produce the same output of energies if they are extreme or intense enough when generated by the organic life forms, which if you don't get it yet are our bodies that are referred to by the others as vessels or containers! The others like extremes of emotions that are intense enough to produce great bursts of energies off the organic biological carbon based life forms. Shock and awe is a preferred method of production here in the garden. 

 However, the earth herself produces energy and many grids all along ancient sites are or I should say, were designed to also produce energy or amplify the energies produced by the organic life forms. This is why from above they look exactly like computer chips, or transistors or microchips because they are indeed just that on a massive scale! The standing pedestals are antennae and all of these have a charge still evident to equipment even today and even if some of them are dismantled in some ways. So, some produce through sound, some through vibration and sound and some through light display but they all produce this energy and amplify the energies of the living organisms all around the areas they were placed.. 

All produce though even plant life!  Most of these exhibit some consciousness effects and/or electromagnetic plasma energy type effects as well around these standing stones all placed where they were for the proper response to our emotions and the energies generated off the earth. Many standing stones have light orb phenomena associated with them due to this very energy. Most all monuments made by man of stone still generate some noticed field of energy because that was what they were supposed to do, tie into and help along your energy production from sounds, voices chakra energy and emotions! Most still standing do just that! All are related to why this garden was started, how it revolves around energy, that is to say life energy such as the sun and the biological and other type life on earth which is all life here in the garden. 

Its all about the energies produced here and collected and that exchange of the energies between all aspects of that one being! Fight or flight is the method we see for production of the fittest in nature. This also produces emotional energies the same way as stimulating a human being through the TV! Both produce this electro-chemical energy from the neuronal discharges going off in the brains of these 'vessels' as they emote! This produces real voltages which can be measured from us with our own technologies! When you are high in your mind, angry, afraid, intense you produce more voltage! The more voltage you produce the brighter you get. The brighter you get the more aware and more able you are to see and know more! However, there are limits here. 

The ones that feed, that created the space we occupy to feed in to produce the energy do not want you to become too bright! If you become too bright you escape and once again remember and have ability to pick and choose when or if you come back here. They would rather keep you below 40 to 50 Hz for most of the time. Avatar spirits that gain freedom from the area are not likely to return due to having to reduce their own energies so much just to reach those dwelling in such low voltage states so little in the way of help is given from these great aware ones once they figure it out. Some have come back to teach but most do not.

The most intense energy that can be produced here is that of a mother protecting her young! This energy here, the protection of young by a mother is producing both extremes of intense energy of love and hate at the same exact time! The sparks fly all through nature in these events where mothers protect their young. Fight or flight in this garden is a fact of life as is survival of the fittest because its a wild wild world out there with no mercy as everyone that is awake knows! Later I discuss scenarios in nature further along in 'Giving You Pearls'. 

This is all again, tied into the production through emotions of fear, hate, anxiety, worry, stress, love, joy, fun, happiness you name the emotion this planet is a production of it! Not just in human! All animals and plants emote!~ It is not just negative emotion that produces! Any intense emotion produces great bursts of neuronal energy fire off your brain! That is to say real voltages that can be measured and you produce more when you emote intensely and it does not matter on the meter if the intense energy is from love, or joy or hate! The meter doesn't know that! It just sees the energy and registers it! This is what the feeders do also and they are everywhere! Shadow figures, and light orbs, they are all around us! 

You, being conscious and aware even in your current dumbed down amnesia state can learn to control your own electric frequencies to any variance of degrees using ancient techniques but it is like anything else. You have to do so to remember how to use those muscles and when the energies are expended they must be regenerated. Before the days of eating meat man had other ways of regenerating the lost energies of life.  Hence we look at the sun to put back the light these beings and our own metabolism depletes each day! You can also use mushrooms which I highly recommend you become familiar with through proper teaching and education because these in proper uses can up your voltage such so that if you use these you can escape this area of entrapment and take charge on your own instead of falling victim and coming back down with little to know control of where you land like a drop of rain caught in a free fall. 

Many of the earth works aided in these harmonies of sounds and energies to help man daily jump start that feeling but you can use these plants, standing stones, the earth in your bare feet and the sun to up your Hz to that of a avatar spirit and simply one day chose to leave here. Others have done it and returned in days past and taught how to get that rush of chi to replenish that which was lost so you can once again awaken  but once these were destroyed man lost his path. Man lost his memory of the resonant memory left in the crystalline structure rock to better enable them to tune to the correct alpha states for regeneration and proper health and longevity! Most of the earth grid that was destroyed in the cataclysms and floods are now inoperable and aiding the dumbed down state of man at this time helping to keep mankind from finding that balance and peace! Used to be in the old days the dolmans and standing stones aided in amplifying energies from emotion and prayer by man.

Most people run on auto pilot today being easily duped, easily drugged and numb so, little in the way of control is exhibited to be present enough consciously to break the programming which set in on your psyche from an early age, or to even sense correctly when things in the vessel are not correct.. As a rule of thumb most people don't even know when they are being played for more intensity of emotion by shadow beings they can't even see behind or beside them! 

As a result of this 'routine' of behavior people let their reactions run wild as well as their imaginations, and all the adds, and TV shows aid in the others swaying people to their way of feeling or seeing so they can better feed or get the flavor if you will that they wanted off their selected host being! It is all about the emotions these things generate off you!  This and in the mean time a third party helps themselves to excess energies from you and sometimes tweaks your mind a little while there with suggestions if they notice you are not aware enough to catch them. Yes they are saying things to make you think what you just started thinking, or feel what you just felt and your control mechanisms being weak they begin manipulating them about with various stimuli or 'input' to up the intensity of your output!  Again, the TV does absolutely nothing to help this matter but actually hammers home the daily programming for the ones handling the masses this way. 

So, the bottom line is this. Since we weren't using our conscious mind the majority of the time we are awake, and since we were making little in the way of progress, and since we are so easy to manipulate, well... someone else took the wheel from all of us a long time ago!

Lets just say someone else decided to go ahead and take care of that idle mind not exhibiting any real control for you by taking advantage of each drifting couch potato unconscious moment you have on a daily basis. With circuit board earth partially dismantled when many of the dolmans and sacred temple sites were destroyed, telepathic and higher brain function in mankind ceased to function in some ways! It is no mistake that holy men have had profound visions and dreams and awakenings near and on standing stones folks! 

Some third party controller or handler has programmed you to react according to their dictate and to not even realize what you see right in front of you. They do so using tricks, technology and other means since your birth, such as, vaccines, drugs and mass programming via TV, radio and advertisement while going to great lengths to protect and educate themselves to the truth so as to not forget. They gave you a model to live by, while keeping the truth of the earth grid system and rules to understand all to themselves living by that model of the ancients themselves and they do so parallel to your model! This technique and how that once connected earth grid aided consciousness to realizations today thought to be myth are part of their easy control of the masses!   

You grew up with this format of rules given by society and more instilling it in you from a young age making you think it is actually of your own doing. This while keeping you disconnected on both sides of the world and from each other is what these few protecting themselves in separate time space bubbles of reality are doing! 

Your free will is always there to reject or accept anything said to you or taught to you in the way of this programming of course, but having grown up with it this is much harder to rise above it, or cross the great sea as wise men have labeled it for thousands of years. As an example I will side track here to tell you a story of programming by the elite done to men in the early years of television!

There was a clothing manufacturer and they wanted to take advantage of this new fangled TV thing! So they contacted the "MAD MEN" of Madison Ave. in NY just like those guys on the mini series! They got a bid to sell their line using adds and their models and their clothing lines and they were appalled at the cost of the advertisements! 

They rejected it and the mad men thinking it through had one such DON DRAPER if you will sitting there and he said a historic statement! "WHAT IF WE USE SMALLER MODELS?" The men thought about it and decided to try it. They ran an ad in local papers and radio which can be found today by researchers and in that add they were seeking smaller models! These were size 2 to size 6 and no bigger and previous to this they used size 8 through 16 and models. The bid saved them so much money in fabric that it was now accepted by the manufacture of clothes, but at first, due to not being known the smaller models were also less money and they used those now well known skinny models on the hoods of cars for adds and their clothing and cigarettes and more after this add was accepted because those models worked cheaper for a generation of boys and another after and another after that until now when its expected and they get top billing. Men all grew up with this new suggestion in the programming that size 10 through 16 was no longer the sexy! Marilyn Monroe and other plus sized women were eventually bumped by this new program that set in on women's minds also by the way. 

No sir that generation of men and women, all three grew up thinking what they saw with their eyes in these new adds as skinny young bony girls as the new sexy and when they grew up they sought that only to find a conflict existed in their minds now! 

So you see in the past before this programming started (and believe me they noticed how easy it was to reprogram men and conflict their minds after this little experiment) men's eyes and hands were on the same page with the definition of beauty you see? 

Now the eyes told men one thing but when they hugged and slept with these women with bony hips, showing ribs, and knotty shoulders and joints they didn't understand the turn off to their hands and it took it's effect as stats clearly show! Divorce rates doubled in no time after this and men cheated on their 'trophy' wives with women of substance that had some meat on their bones! Why? 

Because the hands see beauty too! One day at the office the man married to the visually beautiful wife hugs a secretary and its innocent enough probably at some office gathering or party. Then the next thing he knows he likes those curves, that softness, that anatomy! Next thing he knows after this he is pursuing it to feel it again and before he can blink he is cheating on that fine looking trophy wife according to his lying eyes in those clothes, yet that he can't stand being with naked anymore and none of them involved understand or see what happened! 

The trophy wife is left stunned saying things such as, "But she is fat?! What does he see in her!?" Now we know what he saw and how he saw it! He saw it with his hands and the need was noticed to resolve this conflict. The TV and mad men and clothing manufacturers warped and conflicted the minds of men to save dollars!

And in the process they happened to cause a new stress energy off them in this conflict that all the feeders just love! Sexy was now skinny and before this Monroe, and Hayward and more voluptuous women were preferred. But now there was this conflict with what the eyes saw as pretty vs what the hands saw and felt did not match any longer. Women that felt good about themselves and their sexuality before now also had a conflict of guilt for being heavy! This too was never needed but an aftereffect once more of saving pennies.  This really happened and its really why men don't know the true definition of beauty anymore in a woman! 

Programming sets in no matter the source, religion, school, politics, sexual preferences. I mean after all your father believes this, and his father before him and so on so it must be true right? Wrong! You do not remember the vast mental controls at your disposal when all your mental faculties are working within grid system earth. If men still had the control of their minds they would not be so easily swayed by these things as they are. We need to work on this and I hope these writings show you how to do just that!

How do you recharge after some other life has sucked some of your life energies off you? I use the sun. Check the UV index morning and night just as the sun rises and sets giving yourself a few minutes or a few seconds in the face of the sun as it goes from orange to red when you can. Stand in your bare feet and stare at the face of God. And if a plant is not in bloom and it is not too cold stand on the bare ground with your bare feet. Check that UV index and when its zero suck in Father SUN! Stare at the face of father sun and ask for life! You'll be surprised trust me because if you are sensitive you will feel this and cry! Pain leaves the body quickly doing this! Use sounds. Use standing stones noting types of stones and if you don't know ask and learn. Each has unique properties. Do you believe that the visions recorded in the bible of revered men laying their heads upon stones and having profound visions are coincidence also? 

Doing this you will soon realize that meditation is not necessary. Do this and just use five minutes or so in the morning and the evening to greet the giver of all life building up your own light before work and after getting home! Shower after in water you bless yourself right at the shower head blessing the water crystal to one of beauty and harmony! Take back in what light you lost and its that simple. You will feel better I assure you. 

Get calm if you like. If winter or fall start a fire and stare into it. Touch and feel the ash between your fingers and thumbs and rub it on you but being relaxed or comfortable or even stressed won't matter one bit. Just do it. Just do it! Find the sounds that move you. Listen to your voice not the juke box! But if the iPod is all that works right now use it. If not do the vowels A AH E EH I O U OOOOO OMMMM yourself and find that which vibrates your upper palette in the roof of your mouth and shift pitch and key. 

Find out which sinks you deep and inquire or go to work to manifest desire when here. Think of color and which sinks you deeper and deeper way way down! Feel it, use it, do it standing up or sitting down just be comfortable. Make it brief and enjoy. Take what you learn to a dolman, a standing stone, a sacred place and do the same some time. Feel the rock and the environment help you. It has memory you know? The rock I mean. It will remember you and if others used it you may get impressions or melodies in your head causing you to wonder about their origins! Crystals in the rock, vibe. They find that vibe on their own syncing to you as you touch and make sound. Use that! It is not uncommon for visions to occur around standing stones. 

Emotions are the dial with which the frequency of energies we organic beings produce is controlled. You may have to re-read that as this is because we are electric by our very nature. We humans produce energies, as do all life forms but the energy we produce, that which we consciously manipulate and program and control is unlike, indeed above that of common animals. Control of bursts of emotion, duration and so on is what we are discussing now. No one is saying, do not emote. This is impossible here anyway, and doing so is in and of itself a stress energy so avoid doing that. When we emote our electrical system lights up like a candle! To say they see us is an understatement! We shine in many hues! Yes we do! Hue-man means what it means and our heart chakra and all chakra systems in all bodies shine very brightly when emoting energies, at least they shine brightly to those that created this world. To us, we hardly notice at all really. 

Our reasoning minds are our tools. This sets man apart in many varied ways tho including the sounds we make and the smells and the way we live, the way we dress ourselves, and aid ourselves to walk with a cane or a stick. Animals do not do this. Only humans do these things.  Animals do not write things down either and nor do they play musical instruments both of which some would say are 'not natural' but that is the point! These to us are extensions of our consciousness. 

We do not limit ourselves to our voices alone and having learned and grown ourselves we are now not just verbalizing but symbolizing and writing things down. So, that again sets man apart. Natural has nothing to do with it. Clothes are not natural either but we all wear them. We are talking about the man, not an animal. These are extensions of consciousness only something above animals and nature can do. 

You have abilities so lets start using them. No more of this free volunteering of your energies. Lets take control of that emotional dial for the first time and do so gladly without stress about it. Use emotion. When you want to scream do it. Just don't do it dragging it out all day. That isn't you when it gets like that. That is another trying to feed thoughts and impressions to you all day while it feeds off you. Wake up to it! Stop blaming the wife! Stop blaming the husband and realize its the shadow being in the room with you not you guys!   

You don't have to let these emotions linger like a boiling pot all day. Offer those otherwise unused energies up in prayer energy to those you loved that left and no longer have a vessel that you feel around you. They require the same recharge and as the one trying to feed off you so use them for what you want not what they are doing! Got it? ,

 Why do you think batteries get drained so often when they hang near by? Its because the ones you have hanging near are being respectful! They are not feeding off you but taking energy from a battery hoping to get through to you so you'll volunteer some in a prayer! Get with the program!  When a sacrifice was made in the past it was like that and its still like that! What do you think prayer energy was anyway?  I am a radiating alive energetic being with a vessel and I offer up energies otherwise wasted to my lost loved ones do you? You should! Everyday!  We all need a battery recharge now and then to give back the life energy we lose from day to day. This does not end just because you no longer have a vessel! You will be the orb and the shadow then trying to scavenge! 

Today no effort goes into replenishment or understanding the need and design of this garden! It provides needed exchange for the life energy of the one! See it now that I have explained it to you. The people are actually just donating their life energies freely to scavengers when not aware of this and the church would just as soon keep you in the dark about it!  One did not give it up lightly because it shortened life to do so unless you get it back. 

What it is to say is that some energies are negative, some are better or positive but it is the intensity that matters to the feeders! They do not know the entire picture of how these energies of life expression take their toll on us when negative until these are replenished as they should be. You cannot give all the time and never get back. It will kill you in the end. It is only beneficial to those taking. Some are respectful, some will drain you dry! 

The ancients saw this duty of feeding spirit and soul life as a matter of fact about life and as a soul contract with their brothers and sisters. You provided energies of love and well wishes to them and they received it, not as something they just say thank you for, but as sustenance! Salvation was a give and take thing where reciprocation was automatic in paradise times. But when salvation went up for sale and excess was allowed well, we see where it got us don't we? Took us right to a church that would hide this information from you.  Offering prayers to the light orbs you knew when they had a vessel is like giving them energy to sustain you see? Ancient people knew this as a matter of fact. 

They knew in ancient times we would need this energy when we leave our vessels and while we are here also! This life energy is that which, when shared with the woman makes a new life, a new soul. This new soul comes from the power stick, the wand, the serpent with the big head that spits! This was a sacred thing! It was considered the most powerful chi. Horus carried tubes in his palms all the time. The tubes of Horus were resonating tubes of energy of course and they knew how to restore life energies. 

These ''electro-chemical discharges''  from us during the release of orgasm or other great emotion such as that when bringing forth a new life causes great display of neurons firing off real voltages that can really be measured from the organic life forms and all organic life, yes from all biological life of all kinds! We are all electro-chemical beings!  The ancient people knew what it meant to sacrifice also. Sacrifice involved more than just killing an animal and offering it up to god or the gods you see? If you had kittens coming and you didn't want more kittens and when they were born you took those kittens and killed them in some way to prevent more growing up around you there is only the emotional energy of the death of the kitten itself that provides any energy. You suffer not from this as no attachment was there for you or your family to suffer the loos though and so according to the rules of ancient times this is a offering the gods would refuse you see? It must hurt and mean something and this is why when a child was sick one of his own pets was offered usually in front of them! 

Lets consider some proofs of energy we produce as living organisms. Screams produce sufficient energy to break glass for example, and this is only the energy we ourselves are capable of witnessing but magnify that scream by many people! Set a number of vibrating radiating "hue-mans" in or around the stone buildings and cathedrals, dolmans and silica based structures within the earth such as towers, obelisks and so forth and picture them chanting or screaming loudly and you the begin to get the idea of the energies produced here but the sperm of the man coming from the power wand of the man, the serpent that spits was believed to be even more powerful than this! When a human emotes and suffers such as this it feeds others so to offer a bug or a nest of insects you wanted to rid yourself of anyway is no offering to the gods. They would have to provide the gods with proper stress energy which is why the Mayans sacrificed their own sons and daughters at times. They are not the only ones to do this around the world by any stretch of the imagination. 

Think about it this way. More neuronal discharge is going off biological life when it is freaking out to extremes of emotion from shock and awe running for life or scared like a freak show, or grieving horribly or by simply going to some horror show! Doing this around large objects that echo and resonate with you such as sky scrapers in geometrically laid out cities adds to this tremendously! Unseen life feeds off these energies. Due to the way the gods get their energies today we no longer see a lot of the first hand experiences in gatherings such as hangings when some would go to get 'first blood' to drink it or use it rituals they believed in and this was going on in the 1700's in more modern times! Think of what things were like when men hunted other men for food! The tales of the 'long pig' (humans cooked on a open pit) are real! 

Remember the tale of the walls of Jericho!? Those are real also! These energies can be harnessed.  They are very real!  More energies are produced and in great abundance from the lay out of the land and structures also that can direct these energies. This focus is all based on sacred geometry,  noted historically in several places on the earth.. As noted, earth herself produces energies and sounds and lights but when amplified using ancient techniques still seen in many cathedrals utilizing pipe organs believe me they know all about resonant energies! 

This negative energy produced by shock and awe is easier to achieve than trying to make masses sway the other way to extreme joy and ecstasy or pleasure but with joy and awareness in our hearts we can manifest that reality and attract beings of light that will aid in our rebuilding. 

Next Chapter: This garden is a maintained atmosphere. A protected environment built by the 'others' 

On May 10th, 1971 noted astro-physicist and astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle called a news conference to make a startling public announcement!!! 

"Human beings are simply pawns in a great game being played by alien minds, which control mankind's every move. These alien minds come from another universe, one with five dimensions! These super intelligent entities are so different from us that to apprehend them or to describe them in human terms is nearly impossible!!!
They have been here for countless eons and they have probably controlled the evolution of Homo Sapiens Sapiens if not all species here! All of what man has built and become was accomplished because of the 'tinkering' of these forces! "

This artificially, maintained garden was an attempt by the head gardener, the Originator, at trying to create and then supply a rare energy emanation found in nature. His intentions were to make a supply of energy, as a source of sustenance via a responsive bio-electro-chemical interaction off of organic life. This sustenance is for orbs of awareness to harvest the energy from and interact with, to even experience.  We have ample proof that sentient earth beings have known for thousands of years that these 'others' are here and this is proof they are nothing new. The reason earth has never been quote unquote 'invaded' by any species is simply due to the fact the earth is a protected setting maintained by these creator beings! This is a maintained environment. 

These multi-dimensional creators or originator species of beings of various other outside life forms, the 'OTHERS', as they are often referred to, or the 'WATCHERS', GODS,  GUARDIANS, CUSTODIANS, or whatever you wish to label them, UFO's or Christ figures, the blessed Virgin! Whatever they all had a hand in one or more various tribes or species of animals and races of hominids, mammals, reptiles and plants on the planet, and belief systems going on here. 

As the experiments grew some of the creators became attached in some ways to their projects while others stayed more distant. During the natural course of events some tribes of peoples were naturally overtaken by others. Some animals devoured others and bad feelings were developed back and forth between those responsible for each species having these clashes. It was a neighborhood scale we cannot imagine, but basically a 'your dog just shit on my lawn' scenario between the gods!  

In cases where one 'creator beings' children were overrun by more powerful tribes created by other creator beings or Elohim as they say, bad feelings developed between the creators of those destroyed or harmed and they took part in revenge by influencing their experiments by stimulus, as in being prompted by the ones that had brought them into being. These 'others' help like some big chess match at times pitting one group against another here for various reasons, many of which are all out of reach for mankind to ever figure out! All we can know is the actions! We cannot always discern the reasons. Sometimes we don't even realize how they pit one against another even when they are for all practical purposes on the same sides outwardly! 

At times they interfered in man's progress and still do helping their own particular groups. They are in contact with various governments making these governments clash at times on purpose! Often times favoring one race over another, or pitting one religion against another leading to stories and naming of the gods and pantheons they feel attachment to. These loyalties carry on in our bible tremendously involving more than one of these 'others'. There were many!  

In truth many of these 'gods' can't even agree on who has more claim to this garden than the other and language differences instilled in their creations to better cause animosity and violence from the differences confuse the matter more still to make their chess matches even more challenging. This doesn't even begin to touch the way they manipulate mankind via religions of various kinds which they purposely clash. Read on.  Then as they continually play this chess match with their creations of course some species come to an abrupt end but as it is they simply share the garden somewhat frowning on their other peers as the wonderful experiment for the experience of the true preciousness and meaning of life. It does appear at times that even the 'others' or the 'GODS' war with each other and do not get along. 

Through time they installed many programs to manipulate and control man. We do know that the governments of the world are involved with at least four species of other world beings! These beings operate at a different mental frequency than we but are very real! 

Sensitives live in many places of course! Many of them end up near portals and vortexes of energy grids and don't consciously even realize it because many portals exist all along the 37th parallel and others on our earth. These portals are also where the others go quite often and we see them exit and enter if we watch. Some were initiated and created by other beings that still use them daily living within a median reality here. This appears to be happening real time in and around Ohio and West Virginia and Lake Erie in particular. They pick certain people among those they had a hand in creating and make them spokesman for their tribe, or kin. 

Many of the world's most gifted sensitives live along the 37th parallel going through these areas unconscious of why they are attracted to that area. While other hot spots do exist also this one is the point of focus for most of the best of the best. The 37th is also the line of all the mystery earthquakes and orbs. Vortex energies are particularly easy to find because they pull you down! You look shorter in them, and they sometimes can cause a 'bowel movement feeling' as if you suddenly think you have to go! You may be near an energy grid there and this is sometimes the way the body tells you! 

Orbs and paranormal frequent this 37th  parallel where you can visually spot these crafts flying often and they appear to use standing stones, mounds and other earth works as markers and they use our water ways and rivers. They live in lakes and stay there for great lengths of time and these places are there and have been recorded throughout history. There are maps all over the internet covering it so I'll leave it at that. In many other sites strange sounds have been reported for many years. 

These orbs have been witnessed by natives, in all cultures and from China to South America to here they have put down for the record their contacts. Most of this as rock art and the priests have built dolmens over the portals which have been used by them in various places on the planet to commune with these wiser beings since before written records were kept! In other areas considered sacred the earth apparently can be heard to breath! 

In many ways we are no different at our core than these orbs of conscious awareness and light and the earth like us is a conscious life form and quite aware and alive. All of us are orbs of awareness as our true selves and we come in all manner of sizes  No matter how advanced they appear though they have a superior agenda or program if you will,  and no matter how close you may get to one of them, or how close you may feel to one of them, the truth is they will never reveal their true agenda to anyone in the body! They can appear here to you and even communicate to physical beings but they won't be truthful until you're done here with the contract of souls you signed to be here! We all have soul contracts with our like minded families of souls. 

When I saw them during my near death experience while out of my body I asked about what it was here that they created, how it works and about the energy exchanges that take place between life forms and why spirit is so interested in the organic experience in the physical. I guess seeing that I was without body attachment anymore they told me! 

The answer has taken years to unfold. My life review was much like a download! Its as if all is recorded and stored, as a program of sorts that anyone can experience! 
As it turns out the energies produced here, while subtle are very real, and you don't have to walk into a haunted house to have energy drained off you by an unseen consciousness, an unseen orb! Unseen life is all around us! Some is seen and not even recognized for the life it is! 

So this entire system is what makes possible the oasis of energies that many if not all souls cherish for whatever reason. It was created by some very intelligent beings just for this reason and as it turns out, it was successful beyond measure enough to cause other planets to be sought to duplicate the garden in different locales. 

This planet garden produces an energy and the organic life on the planet is responsible for a large part of that discharge. 

Some like Monroe call this produce, this discharge from organic life forms in these gardens 'Loosh' energy. I never heard the term until reading it on a post about Monroe and looking it up years ago after learning of the title of the book it was in. "FAR JOURNEYS". I of course bought the book and my jaw hit the floor! There are many beings as described all around us. 

They hop on. They hop in, they share, they talk, they visualize just as described. I was greatly relieved to learn that others saw this as well! They suggest many things, many urges, and often they are even seen out of the corners of our eyes, as fleeting glimpses and as orbs of light! Believe me tho, your life energy is something of great value. 

 It was in fact my astral experiences and seeing and experience of such that led someone to loan me a book by Robert Monroe that helped me for the first time to deal with some of my own night time fears so I might better deal with what I explained was happening to me but even then once I was exposed to Robert, the book I was loaned was not the one that described the Loosh!  This is why I was so surprised to hear the term and to learn it came from Monroe! I had read his book Journeys out of the Body as a young man and loved it! It helped me at a time I really needed the help. I thought it was his only book and this was well before the invention of the internet. 

When someone said on a forum that Monroe said something about Loosh and it being food from emotional energy I was like huh, where? So I really didn't know about it before hand when I was allowed to see much the same thing in a different way! 

This garden is like all other oasis garden 'neutral zone' centers!  Many here see just being visited by spirit at all as something evil! This is not the case at all although it can be negative for sure when this occurs as some are particularly unpleasant to be around depending on what attracted them to you or how you come into contact with them. We are all surrounded by spirits all day every day of our lives! 

However, most of the time it is the interpretation that is negative when we see them because most of the time we don't even recognize them. For those contracted to use your vessel, which could be many or one there is usually some common ground agreement between all parties using the corporeal being vessel for their experience. 

 In many if not all instances nothing actually occurs when we are visited by spirit. Some just pass through, some are checking up on loved ones.  Your judgments are the only thing that changes or makes it negative or positive but pay attention to your fleeting thoughts and emotions and realize spikes in either may be someone else's doing to try to tweak you some for intensity.. So from here on out try to adopt a observer attitude not swinging one way or the other emotionally here also.

 It just is. Don't put a reactionary good or bad on it. It is, leave it at that and don't judge it. Those being stimulated to respond to these visits by the others should as a rule of thumb just observe, staying neutral in emotion rather than do something and traumatize themselves from the observation of the strange. 

 What I see is a oasis like place of multi-faceted design being contracted, leased, agreed to be used and so on by numerous aware light beings of various levels of learning and all here for the show and all for the energy recharge it can give one when needed.  

You can discharge and exchange energy or light from outward expressions of emotions, sounds and other energies unknowingly from simply having emotional response reactions anywhere you happen to be. Monitor your emotions and thoughts paying attention to new intense feelings. 

When my wife is angry for example she radiates it outward and you can indeed tell at a distance you better stay away! Its like this cloud around her everyone can see, and its obvious this is not a good time! 

Its in the air, and written on her forehead! This vibe goes out quite a ways like this for all emotions even the subtle ones! These thoughts radiate outward from you and the emotions you feel as well. Like a flower in bloom emitting an odor that drifts off into the wind on occasion a little flying thing, call it a small form spirit being pops or comes in and gets a taste if that particular odor appeals to them as they near!

You feel it by the sting or twinge in a particular area of the body that lights up usually as you are so side tracked with another hot button issue this pain comes, goes and is little noticed by you and yet, you just provided loosh to a little scavenger. You were just fed off of and didn't even know it!

If you are aware enough to control yourself and those very emotions, more importantly your reactive mind when this occurs and you feel a particular part of your body light up, you can actually consciously control and maintain a manageable relationship with these beings by looking right a the area of the body or saying as you touch it, "I know you are there, get off me!" This usually is all it takes to make them exit or they will remain and end up being those that tempt us in other ways. They listen to our thoughts and inner feelings and desires and temp us with them and so on. 

The ego, that is to say you, can still feel, look, think about much of the same things as you did yesterday and yet not even be animated by the same life force orb today that occupied your vessel yesterday! 

Spirit can hop in and out of the vessel and spirits contracted for the experience with your vessel, those of your own family? They and you share the corporeal vessel for various experiences while the contract remains valid. 

Those that created the garden, that walk with us in life as guards of sorts and lesson givers, tempters and any of the other scavengers, or even friends and family members deceased that come here for this energy are all ultimately on the very same page with your light being energy awareness. 

The part of you that made these agreements set this up. They come here for this light as a bonus for your experience, to take your light, to learn and grow themselves from their side as they play here, as well as watch and aid you do the same, and yes, sometimes while misleading you in the process. 

This process of learning and growing, again is not sinister. Your friends and/or loved ones are not evil for doing this. Multiple personalities exist in all of us in other words. 

When some spirits come to either take their turn or repossess the vessel for experience after some gap of experience some physical changes can occur as well as mannerisms. Just like with multiple personality disorders physiological changes can and do also take place. In some instances these changes occur in a very short time span. 

We will discuss examples of the extreme later in the next section. Some call these walk in spirits but they are often same family spirits sharing the corporeal being vessel. Many times the ego is not even aware that the underlying observer, that is to say, the light behind the eyes is not always even the same light as it is at other times. 

That is how close to the experience the ego gets. The reality of this flies right over their heads. Our family of spirits is around us always. One can pop in and another out during any quick nod off! 

Chapter 2 The big picture is you!  

We literally are blind! As physical beings only few can sense the other side as we cannot see around the curve to notice even what goes on right beside of us. Our limited perceptions keep us from being aware of these realities. In reality there are actually no straight lines but reality is much deeper than it appears containing many many beings and many many layers upon layers.. 

Our linear thinking, seeing, hearing and other senses create both the amnesia of the physical means of thinking and a blindness to the actual curve or reality.. It also allows the environment needed to make the garden produce this product the creators or others need. 

These beings occupying the same space as us do not all know of us either or care about us but many do but we share these limitations however only with a few. Some are perfectly aware of us and our thoughts but have other business only interfering when someone presents themselves to them and they cannot avoid the contact since they came here to tweak the garden and not so much you. Others are here to take biological samples and you may work just fine whether alive or dead for that so you don't want to go up making your presence known. Some, actually took part in making it what it is to take it over and make it produce the energies they wanted, so resisting their temptations and being ever watchful of your reactive processes which damage your psyche and weaken your chi is a first priority once you learn of them. . 

Have you ever stood in a room and suddenly felt a pain in one temple area of your skull, or one joint, or area of the body where suddenly as if from nowhere it lights up? 

Ever thought that it may be you just got company? These attachments happen from time to time to all of us. 

It is a necessary evil to allow life to recharge as well as influence others to learn, to know self better, fall on face fall off the horse, eat your foot, and many other life lessons and just as easily they can aid us to recharge or raise voltage. Even your guardian needs energy just like you will and just like you do now. 

Truth be known, we all need energy to survive no matter which reality we become aware in and while energy cannot die it must be in motion always changing, always transforming and we toss it about exchanging it between us for our own vibration and place in creation. So long as we do this, god lives forever! 

The idea that the human genome has been tampered with is a correct one. They do it constantly. They do this with many species here monitoring them, dogs, cats, cows, horses, pigs, reindeer, domestic birds, fishes and more.

These are all genetically altered beings also. In fact the planet, our home, earth is full of beings that have been modified and played with by the creators! Anyone not seeing this is simply not looking as all of this garden is genetically altered and more and not just animal but plant life as well and every species has various flaws that can be found that show up in certain specimens. 

The entirety of this garden is an altered genetically modified crop tweaked by that head gardener we call God! Human is not unique here in this regard.

Human, at least human as we know it, is actually one of the later generation editions of producers to this garden crop. We are special due to the range of energy frequencies we can channel. In truth nothing is new in this puzzle as we put things all back together you see? So in the end, nothing is really yours or mine either but that is for another time.

Spirit beings will on occasion attach to an organic life just for this energy and then leave later as if getting their fill. 

Now you are not powerless when these attachments happen. In fact if you are aware of it as you will start to find yourself now after reading my writings, you will note when these things occur. 

When that pain suddenly shows up on our side for no reason, usually accompanied by some other strong emotion make note. What were you thinking about right then as this pain started? What was going on at this time? What is the intensity level at for your meter right now on emotion? 

Be alert that some entity could be gaining something from you from the emotional burst reaction to something going on in your brain associated with thoughts and feelings and any number of your body energy systems. Sudden drops in emotion to bottom out if you will are just as valid! It doesn't have to be anger or hate or to that extreme. Just as easily it can be on the joy, love end of the spectrum if the being wanting energy feels that will be easier to tweak out of you. 

Look right at the body area of the pain and say get off me! The shock of you even knowing of them will scare them off you in all likelihood. If the pain leaves instantly then you know! : "BINGO" just caught one in the act! 

If this does not work other measures can be made to work. For some particularly stubborn ones you can sour the milk! If they came during a moment of great anger it means they want that anger energy so turn around with a big happy smile and true warmth and say give us a hug!

The yuk of that will push them so far back away from you they'll want to leave trust me, you have effectively soured the milk for them and they got a mouthful of something they did not want! 

They function at this level seeing much more of what is surrounding them and being able to interact with more. 

Looking at what is going on it becomes apparent that emotional dumps are a fact of life on this planet. If we accept that much ask yourself okay nuts as this sounds what if this is not far off? 

Once we accept that emotions off of organic life are needed to produce this valued product or energy to these other dimensional beings and start to look at the goings on things begin to fall together pretty well for themselves after that. 

Looking around it becomes obvious which are the favored frequencies! Shock and awe baby! 

You easily see this by making note of what is being shown to you, told to you, and hammered home over and over on the mass private owned media causing you to react and you know this is what they want bad enough to go to this trouble to get it from you! 

What do the controllers want you to see with their filtered mass media news and programming? Look at who actually does the programming and controls the media.  Remember to always stay right now. Don't get all caught up in negative imaginings from the fear mongering of the TV and news. 

Most humans are reactive minded due to programming. Most are easily suggestible also. Self awareness is not looked on as a favorable thing at all by those wanting to manipulate you for your energy emanations. 

One of the things you will make note of as you study this emanation sought out by the collectors and controllers here is that the more intense the emotion the purer the product or energy produced. 

So, some scavengers seeking this energy prefer trickle and attach to vessels to feed over the long haul so to speak, basically, while others prefer short intense bursts of full blown fear or it could be full blown joy, and as much as they can muster from the host vessel they pick! 

This because the more fear and anxiety they can squeeze out of you the better for them. Or as the case may be, the more love and joy from you if that is easier based on the moment. Either way, the neuronal discharge is great!  

The more off balance you are caught by them the better for them! That is why it has been noted many times in haunted places that the spirits known to lurk there feed off of fear and go out of their way to promote that within the environments they occupy. 

They feed off of the same energy and favor that frequency produced by fear. 

Imagine  someone or many advanced someones somewhere that knows how to "play" human emotion with the skill that a virtuoso plays a musical instrument because they like the tweak they can give to the emotion for flavor. They seek a spike in you emotionally, this through any number of means. 

They gave you a model to live by that actually helps them to do this. They have us figured out and know exactly what buttons to push because they programmed us to elicit the exact response they get and they even have ways of measuring that to be sure they are getting the effects they want. 

Now I ask you. Could there be an intelligence behind these ups and downs and emotional waves we humans ride? 

Chapter 3 .  The stimulus of the masses! 

Could there be a reason for all the shock and awe, war, other conflicts and emotional waves in life? Think about these ups and downs with the threats of Government shut down just recently here in our own USA and the constant worry and stress this brings out of those dependent on the government. 

Now compound that with what is going on in Europe! Add the quite recent Ebola fears and whammo! Lots of bio energy produce! 

Further, once you accept that its probably true that someone does know what buttons to push to manipulate us by reaction, mostly because they programmed it into us, well they can then respond in kind to that reaction you see. 

They do this with yet another 'stimulus package' to generate more product out of us for those they answer to then go the next step! Do you think it is another coincidence they call these actions "STIMULUS PACKAGES" ?

Imagine still that adding technology like the mass media was done to try to better stimulate more humans on a mass scale to better control more at once and increase the volume of that emotional response all done on purpose with the intent of maximizing human responses from shock and awe broadcast to the world! 

This product or energy brought forth by organic life attracts many scavengers to us also. Some places are more prone to these attacks than others. In time you can become sensitive to these places. Funeral homes, grave yards, certain homes with residents still there and so on. 

Just as easily one of these scavengers could one day be any one of us because this energy is a big part of the reason we were even interested in incarnating here in an organic body at all. Remember, we are just as interested in this energy and helping god and ourselves to grow as any of the scavengers that hang here and we need the energy as much as any one else. 

We can't help but be attracted to the light much like a moth or a bug to your headlights you see because the garden earth is the bee hive honey pot to us in our true selves.

 It is likely that we all have a family circle. This includes the people you associate with in life and those that have been associated with you in the past that have died and moved on. 

You have probably made arrangements or contracts if you will with these loved ones as a sort of 'energy' exchange contract or 'quantum entanglement' if you will to basically work together mutually for the benefits of receiving and sending this rare energy delight that is so sought from organic life forms. 

When they are in the spirit they seek your energy in the body through this arrangement and when you are the one without a body and they are once again experiencing here this situation reverses. 

This goes on with various relationships all over here. Family groups of like minded consciousness set up ahead of times and reincarnate together and alternating just for this energy. 

This is the case whether they be disembodied spirits or those that have never actually experienced here within the organic at all regarding this energy and needing it! 

Those seeking the energy any way they can get it in most cases will take whatever is available even if it is not all that potent or pure when they find it. The difference between your possession of your body and one by a scavenger is this. Yours is sanctioned. Theirs is not. Yours is from within as you have joined in a way with the organic that is not the same as hopping onto as in attaching to from the outside. 

All gardens have their share of scavengers and usually a blind eye is turned to them in this garden as they focus on product the collectors pass up since the collectors take the cream of the crop and focus on the more refined product. 

And while these scavengers come in a very wide variety of forms from small ugly creatures resembling things seen in horror movies that attach to organic bodies to cause emotional distress in one form or another to larger reptile looking creatures mostly the sanctioned collectors turn a blind eye to them since in their disruption they do at times produce.

The point is the energy produced by the organic body is very real. The watchers or 'collectors' are also very real and just as real as the original creators of this organic garden called earth when it was created! 

The collectors have been written about for thousands of generations and they are here now just as they have always been here since the earliest days of this garden experiment. Wisdom teachers have written of these 'watchers' since writing began. 

Its been said that sometimes it is necessary to shake the tree to get the fruit or the nuts to fall down. Well, look around and put two and two together because it appears that shaking the tree that is human to produce the product or to provide stimulus to any other organic life is done through various methods as described! 

The whole idea is to make us produce this energy that other life forms need and come here to get, promote, take part in creating and great honor in participating to help god grow. Keeping in mind we of course need energy also and are just as guilty! 

If nothing else confirms for you that we too voluntarily take part in this just for the energy consider the fact that you know you cannot go without energy even for a short while! 

Then realize that whenever we take in another energy source to continue on we consume ourselves. All is one, the dragon consumes it's own tail. We are aspects of the same energy that is also a part of the one! Once you grasp that you can pat yourself on the back as you are now above the masses for perspective. You too will see just as I do with a whole new set of eyes, the reality of this energy exchange and the mantra of the elite on the planet to stimulate the masses of the number one producers here for the others that they answer to. 

It is the mantra of shock and awe using the mass media to drive home the same fear brought on in the wilds of nature to the rest of the planet by fight or flight situations! This to produce the same energy but in greater more refined amounts from man to mimic the very way nature plays things out for survival of the fittest. 

In the end its all about recharging that battery of life and the exchange of the energies abundantly produced within this garden.