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The Bible (what it really says)

"Torah's words can be given for 70 different meanings. But there is just one, which the church and the Jewish scholars surely has, which is their literal meaning." Rashi de Troyes- Jewish exegete  10th/11th century A.D.- Mauro Biglino

We think of the bible as a book arranged a thousand years ago. In reality the bible we own, the bible we work on and study is a bible fixed between the 7th and 9th century A.D. -that is to say in the years 600 to 800 A.D. In short it is when the Merovigs first, and then the Carolings ruled over Europe. 

While Charlemagne was busy building his Holy Roman Empire, by the lake of Galilee, one family, which was Moshez ben Aaron ben Asher's  family, defined the bible as we know it today and this can be documented and confirmed by anyone!

 This family was in conflict with other families: they represented the Tiberias School. Keep in mind there was also the Palestinian school, the Samaritan, and the Babylonian schools as well as numerous offshoots of these and more. Tiberias won the debate with Charlemagne and now we have the bible they compiled based on that family. If another family would have won that debate, dare I say battle,  we would have potentially another bible today teaching other philosophy or interpretation of many of the same texts. Why?

 Because the first bible was written you see as a series of consonants first. That means that the work done by those guys that were called Masorets or, 'the keepers of the tradition' was in the first place to determine the words. That is, splitting the rows of consonants and determining the words, that can then be split and established in many different ways. 

Now the second work they made was inserting the vowels, Vowels that were not there! THE ORIGINAL TEXT HAD NO VOWELS THESE WERE ADDED BY MEN!! And inserting the vowels actually means inserting the meaning to the words. They were only interested in inserting their own theological meaning and thought, their agenda, their doctrine. That is what they (men) made. That is what you read. So anyone could fit their narrative into the consonants by very careful selection of the vowels used which they added. 

So one thing we should know is that the only certainty we have is that we know we do not know how they spoke their language. We do not know how the Bible was vocalized when it was written. At the time when most of the Bible's events happened, above all the fundamental ones, Hebrew did not even exist as a language! When many names were pronounced, Hebrew did not exist, Moses did not speak Hebrew! Scholars argue over what language Moses did actually speak and cannot even agree on that!

In the desert they didn't speak Jewish during the Exodus. If we like, we want to believe they spoke some sort of Semitic language.  But I doubt it. They likely spoke some form of Amorite, and later, shortly later after Exodus some form of Aramaic and later, a couple centuries later Jewish started to take shape which is actually a transformed sub-Phoenician. Now you can understand that the only certainty we have is that we know that we don't know how it sounded. 

But we must consider their haplogroup now that we know where on the planet these 'royals' came from. Moses may or may not have been one of the R1 haplogroups that were the royals in Egypt but he did learn their ways and language. Being that we now know their ways and language likely stemmed from Basque or what we would refer to today as an offshoot of the Gaelic language that is associated with this haplogroup.  

With this understanding, which gives us great serenity, lets listen/read now to the text. But this is an understanding that anyone who works on the bible should understand including theologists, and cabbalists and all those who would dare to tell you how it is! We do not know how they vocalized anything! 

That is why I won't tell you how things are I will just tell you what the Jewish consonants are, the roots of the word for the literal meaning cause that's my job, or better, it was, but actually it is not my job because no one can make a living translating Jewish consonants. It is the kind of thing one does at nights. My duty was to search for the original meaning of each of course by using traditional dictionaries in Jewish and Aramaic etymology, edited by rabbis and published in Israel or the US. 

In the Beginning :

Lets ride the Elohim's RUACH ! That is the 'Elohim's wind' the one that in the bible is called, is translated 'Gods Spirit. But then the term, RUACH does not mean spirit. What it means is wind, or anything flying in the wind quickly causing wind. The later Theological elaboration when "God's" figure was created, led to attaching to RUACH the meaning of spirit. But this is not there. 

We need to see it drawn on a piece of paper and I will pass it around. This is how the RUACH was represented. (see pic) Shows Sumerian cylinder seal drawing of small UFO looking winged like something. Also, squiggle lines, x 2 for symbol for I think water. Used on seal and walls also. This is the pictogram of the first RUACH seen by those before the days of Hebrew or Jewish as first verbalized and then written in this form and this is where the RUACH of the Hebrews comes from. 

So the thing is we don't know what it is. Lets say we don't know what it is so we can take it easy. We do know it is something that decidedly hovers over the water. No doubt about it. Very clear here. And we don't know what it is. We will name it by borrowing the name used by the Vatican, so that we can't go wrong. If you read last editions of the Lexicons Recentis Latinitatis published by the Liberia Editrice Vaticana where they insert the Latin neologisms you'll find that the Vatican inserted "navis sidraelis which means 'starship'. 

They inserted aeria navis, 'thus' airship, and they inserted aereus viator which is astronaut! And they inserted the acronym R.I.V. which means res inexplicatae volantes, that is, UFOs! So now we can call that stuff you look at R.I.V.s So that depiction, that pictogram is the one depicted in the very beginning by the person, the one who saw and told about those guys. So it is an 'unknown thing' that 'hover' decidedly over the water. 

If you remember the beginning of the Bible, where it says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth", you remember also that it said Elohims' RUACH, or 'God's Spirit was hovering on the water. Only the RUACH is that stuff, what was seen, what was depicted first graphically then later descriptively. For the word 'hovering' a participle was used, which is melahephet, which means and is used also elsewhere in the Bible to indicate the typical way of flying of rapacious birds when they let themselves be carried by the wind without moving their wings..  

That is, Elohims' RUACH which Sumerians depicted this way. They depicted something flying not moving its wings hovering over water.  So we have the same thing depicted by the Sumerians in picture form only in written form from the Hebrew. Both speak of the same thing.  No doubt about it very clear here. From what we can draw out of the original translation of the bible, thus from the definition of the consonantic roots the Bible goes on to tell us we were made using Elohims' Tselem. 

Now all translations you have say we were made in God's image and after his likeness. Do you all understand Elohim? Elohim is a Biblical term usually used to refer to God and translated as God. Actually Elohim is a plural term by the way. 

Maybe because the semitic view of philogy is not so simple as it's often stated. Therefore it is not so certain that Elohim is the plural of EL, they could be two ancient forms of... ok.  So when we talk about Elohim we traditionally identify with God but that definitely in the Bible means and refers to a lot of people. A lot of people, no doubt about that. 

Independently from the question of whether this term means many people or not the fact that it means many people is still quite evident in the Bible. The "Cult", I call it that because that is what it has become, but the Cult says we were 'made' the traditional translation, in the image and after the likeness. Actually the Bible does say that we are made after the likeness, but with something that contains Elohims' image. Something 'cut out' with something material that contains Elohims' image. The dictionaries edited by the rabbis say more on this. 

They state that the Tselem derives from the verb Tsalam which means to 'cut out of'... So the Bible tells us we are made from a certain amount of material some of which contains Elohims' image that which had to be cut out. Today no one here has a problem understanding or figuring out what it is we refer to that was cut out. It is referring to, without a doubt our DNA and the DNA of the Elohim. 

So in all probability the Biblical tale we read and see here is a summary of the Sumerian Enuma Elish but the Sumerians are much more precise than the Bible. This is because Sumerians, who never thought to start or create a religion, who never built a temple and never talked of God the way we mean it but they spoke about those guys Biagio Russo talked very well about before. 

The (Sumerians) certainly respected these people. They were afraid of them, because as you can understand those guys were much more powerful from the point of knowledge and technology. But the Sumerians did not depict these as Gods. Never! This all came afterwards, this God stuff. The Sumerians never built a temple in the way we mean it. 

Hence, Sumerians, who were much more precise and who knew those were not unerring gods, had no scruples about telling of their failures. And they tell us details with higher precision than monotheistic thought all of which was inserted into the Bible later. The Sumerians tell us quite plainly that these guys had a whole bunch of failed attempts before they created or even came close to achieving the right slave! 

They made a lot of mistakes. Those of you that followed the Dolly sheep clone years ago but they don't tell you about the 240 attempts and failed sheeps before her. That is not a made up number. Real number. Sumerians wrote of the same thing of these guys. The Sumerians tell us of these guys making one that could not hold back urine, one that could not close his eyes, one with a crooked spine, one without genitals, one unable to eat, I don't even remember them all but not important. 

They made a lot wrong. A really horrible one is made note of, one made by coincidence with the extracted material from the blood of one of the presumed gods chiefs! How bout that, the least successful attempt was one from Enki's own blood. At some point they gave the other of the big two bosses a try. Enlil. Can you imagine? From Enki they got a complete and horrible failure. It was a hairy being with a closed throat, imperfect eyes, twisted ribs, and paralyzed spine! It's heart, head and intestines were damaged and all written of in precise detail! It was also unable to lift it's hands. 

These translations are NOT from Sitchin! Because Sitchin is important but one has to go beyond. Regarding Sumerology I follow the translations made by academics. For the record those are the translations of Giovanni Pettinato who was a world wide authority when alive. 

So these are the translations of an acclaimed academic in the field, recognized worldwide. Incidentally he was the chairman of the European commission for the creation of a Sumerian dictionary, hence a real undisputed worldwide authority! 

I mean no people is so stupid to create such a type of god to adore them?! The Sumarians tell it as they saw it. They describe how these guys to be feared moved forward by trial and error. 

Evidently they told us those things to remember them, obviously with the linguistical conceptual cultural instruments they were provided with, but they told the story in the way it likely happened. The Bible is a lazy summary of it. Or actually they made two. One real, known by the incast, one fake romanticized for the masses. 

Because creation is really a wrong term. About man's making there is a story. And then the other one where God is portrayed as a potter. Isn't he? A potter who modeled clay. Now I don't know if there are some geneticists in the audience or biologists, but everyone knows now the importance of clay as a catalyst for the process of the combination of nucleic acids, I.E., RNA and DNA. So the second tale is not a tale at all. It is the same story viewed from the Sumarian side. 

While the first story tells us we were made using God's Tselem, thus with Elohims' DNA the second tale tells us that Elohims' acted on the AFAR, thus on the dust, on the clay that was here on earth. And this has two meanings because AFAR comes from the accadian TIKIT which  indicates both the form  or both the clay and what takes the form because clay is something that can both take and keep a shape or form. It means that this tale, this second tale is seen from the point of view of the the species selected for the DNA present here on earth. 

Nowhere does it say it was a hominid. This is assumed by everyone to be so. In many versions it says quite simply that all were 'bulls' and all came from bulls. Reading as if they artificially impregnated cows to give birth to Elephants, Pigs, Giraffes, and all kind of other animals including horses and more according to the book of Enoch. It could be more than one mention of the 'bulls' referring to the sons of "Noah" also as apparently if the text is to be taken seriously man also came from a bull. This may account for much of the bull worship, horn worship and so on throughout history. 

So this is how the ones to be feared made the perfect slave. With Elohims' Tselem, but just enough to follow instructions, and inserted that into the AFAR which contains the form which was already present here on earth. This story adds completion to the Bible tale. There is no contradiction. 

Tree of knowledge of good and evil

What we are interested in is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, I mean, to know the difference between good and the evil, because the tale continues as if they actually ate of the fruit. Many years ago, while I was translating the Bible, quite obviously I used to think with the mentality of someone born into our culture, perhaps I should say programming or paradigm is maybe the best of...

The tree of the knowledge of the good and the evil is symbolically speaking the moment when man, and the woman began to distinguish between the right and the wrong action, what is legitimate and what is not. In that moment, the so called fundamental morals or natural ethics were inscribed into man's heart. While translating the Genesis, again many years ago with the mindset of most people I am sure, I said to myself, "hmmm, none of that stuff is here?" 

Its not there in the original writings. So I thought to myself that I am the perfect mr. nobody being so young and not really as known or respected so I put this thought aside for a time. But the idea of distinguishing isn't there. Then in Dec. 2009 a psychoanalysts convention was taking place in Venice. At the University of Venice. Some Freudian spoke first, then Amos Luzzato took up the word. Former chairman of the Italian Israelitic communities and eminent Jewish Biblicist. Clearly these analysts speak of the good and the evil, the sense of guilt, the morals carved into man's heart and so forth. 

Amos takes the floor and Mr. Luzzato informs them all that a true analysis of this material cannot be done from the word because it is not to be found in the Bible. This tale of the good and the evil is not in there. I did a start in my chair nervously shifting my position. Of course I knew this also but to hear it from another academic was, well, I mean, if me that says so it is nothing but Amos Luzzato? 

Maybe? He says 'its not in there. Its not true.' At that moment there was no distinction because I realized that in a matter of distinction Hebrew there are some graphemes that are not in there so there is no distinction. 

After the Adam and the Eve did a certain thing the Elohim is doing nothing else but making a statement of fact, he is not sentencing them. He says: "You made a choice" Now I want you to know that because of this choice that I do not agree with, while the 'serpent' that we spoke of earlier, another person wanted that choice to be made. Or better he intervened to make it easier. One of the Watchers. He intervened while the other one that didn't want this decision says: "You made your choice get out of here! 

But you should know that outside of here you will experience both positive and negative sides of that choice.  So this is not a condemnation. It is what is called a post eventum virdict meaning you made your own bed now lie in it. In Italian, you wanted the bicycle now pedal. Pedaling is not a condemation it is directly correlated. One cannot get on a bicycle and not pedal. So to say you are on the bike pedal is not a sentence but a statement of fact nothing more. 

Then He (Elohim) explains that to Eve regarding procreation you have for reproduction gotten independent from us with this choice. Before your choice you were my business and after now you are not. You are independent. With that choice when you wish to eat you feed yourself. You are independent. You are self sufficient. So out of the protected area they go and only those approved of to stay may stay. You go out on your own bye bye, you will understand. He is sure to tell Eve child labor will hurt. He explains tho, you will understand, not sentencing you. 

Ya Da the Jewish verb. Meaning you'll have knowledge of the fact that this choice brings both positive and negative consequences. "TO WA RA" will thus get to know both the good and bad of this situation. Amos has gone even further. He explained that the term RA was used to describe evil or bad. But it has and had nothing to do with the idea of evil or bad in ethics. Instead it refers to attention the 'physiopathology of the human body so Elohim is saying once outside this protected area where we were keeping you, well out here beyond this protected area you will find that you can feel bad. 

So we are here not by some guilt, not some sentence but because one of our ancestors got on a bicycle. Now we too must pedal. We have to think about that because this changes the whole story. 

To be continued: 


One other curious thing that happened at that moment, so maybe I can speak a little about the name "Yahweh". We all know the story of Adam and Even and Cain and Abel. At some point Cain kills Abel. Then they get another son, Seth, who begets a son Enos. And the Bible tells us that in Enos' time the name Yahweh began to be invoked. Which tells us all those before Enos did not invoke the name. 

We have no way of knowing, did they use his name, invoke another or did this 'person' going by the name of Yahweh just show up at this time? We don't know. It is then that diffusion began with Enos. Also I feel the need to point out that without doubt the Jewish language did not exist at this time. No doubt about that do not be confused. So this begs the question? In what language did this guy say his name to Enos? 

You see another problem is that when this guy, whoever he may be, but whenever this guy repeats it, now we take a big jump (referring to that summary of the Jewish version again) and we go from Eden to now following Moses and his people to the Sinai well,... you know the story....but now that we are in the desert I can tell you some interesting facts. When Moses gets up to the mountain and says to Elohim: "Listen here, we are making a pact and if you expect me to pursuade those guys down there to follow only you above all other Elohim we need something convincing. 

Else they'll say forget this and forget you. So it is apparent from this exchange, readily apparent, Moses knew this was not God as the Bible currently says. Moses was anything but monotheist and he was not even monolater he knew this was one of many other Elohim he could potentially deal with. Lets say they chose each other. So he says I have to tell these guys down there with me that they have to follow you. So can you at least tell me your name? 

Whats in a name? The reply is well known of course. Eye Asher Eye, which is filologically translated many ways: I am who I am, I am that I am and so on. You can all feel free to unchain yourselves and search for the studies made, from Jesuits to all possible exegetes. 

There exists all possible translations. So filologically they are all true. So anyway, this guy, this Elohim, he says: "that sound, that is depicted, remembered, vocalized today, although certainly differently, as Yahweh." 

Key is that when he told Moses that sound the Jewish or Hebrew language did not exist. So again, in what language did this Elohim speak? His own? If so how do we reconcile that Moses knew it? For sure Moses spoke the language they spoke in Egypt. He may have been familiar with other languages frequenting that passed through but not fluent. As I said before maybe we could admit, but I doubt it, they spoke some form of Amarite. We have this word that has been written about four centuries later, with the Hebrew consonants. 

We do not know how it was vocalized at the time. Nobody in the world knows this! How was it vocalized at the beginning of this pact? We know how it was vocalized in Charlesmagne's time. On this word we know nothing about we don't know how it was spoken. Therefore we don't know how it had been understood, that has been written centuries later in a language that didn't exist when the word, that sound has been spoken on all this, floods of researchers have been unleashed in an effort to understand what that guy meant, as he said, Yahweh. 

Then the question? What if that guy didn't mean anything at all? That is if I receive a higher order from above to go down to some island and I come into contact with one of many people there, could be any body, and if I build some system there, reign over the area or whatever, and these guys come  one as a representative speaker and at some point he asks what's my name? I could answer Mauro! 

But in whatever language they speak it is unlikely to mean anything. If they have a connsonatic language they would maybe write it MR>  Centuries later some exegetes, natives to the area maybe think about it questioning. What did he mean about it? So on. So some centuries later another exegetes shows up. They are from other peoples still, not the natives that the happening occurred with. And now they also begin to speculate. Not to forget that at the original time the word was spoken the languages it is now spoken in didn't even exist! 

Lets do an exercise on this name in metaphysical, esoteric, and initiate exercises of this word spoken in this meeting with Moses. It could mean nothing. It could be nothing more than Mauro. So these are things we should think about before reaching conclusions. To be clear, we know that we don't know. That is the only certainty. Presumed truths should remain presumed. Know what you do not know, more importantly learn to know the difference. 

The Squeamish God

Abel sacrifices the products of his work. That is the lamb. Cain, as you remember offers marrows and cucumbers because he deals with horticulture. Yahweh, kept in great consideration Abel's offer, and didn't consider Cain's one. In the first place we can make an evident remark. 

Thus that god, who in my eyes has nothing to do with the transcendent, spiritual, universal God I know nothing about, that god didn't bother about intentions because obviously Cain and Abel's intentions were the same. They both aimed to make Yahweh happy. But Yahweh was not interested in Cain's offering. When the two sons of Aaron make offerings he kills them immediately. For sure he, god did not bother about intentions. 

This Elohim let built for himself a habitat. A temple today, built on the model told by Sumerians Eden. These buildings they let themselves construct, and that they lived in, and he let one be built right out there in the desert right outside the camp. This in order to follow personally the people he was leading through a campaign to conquer territory which he was charged by his bosses to rule on. He gives several instructions that later on were considered ritualistic and structured or spiritual or so forth by the religious elaboration. Absolutely not ritual. No doubt about that. The Bible is of a really fascinating concreteness, any time I read it, I get chills because it is so incredibly beautiful. He said many things. 

Elohim say that man must burn certain things for him. Certain, products. One thing that always amazed me when translating Leviticus, the Deuteronomy and such was a very clear concept, that burning those products, thus producing those smokes has not a symbolic meaning. It really hasn't and I will explain. Stay with me it is very simple really. These smokes had to get into his nose. Had to! This is very very clear in the Bible even the one for stoned people! He had to smell the odors, in one case he had to smell the stink! 

And when I say stink I mean that particular odor he asked for, that particular sacrifice, which is called Holocaust. By which an animal had to be completely burned, fat included. 

In any Bible you can read all about those odors. It is written in there yes, "Elohim enjoyed the aroma of burning meat only the Bible doesn't say that! 

The Bible always says, and that was the amazing thing to me until other people gave me what I am about to share with you. The Bible tells us that this was REYA LIHOHA, that means, 'a soothing odor.' So a sedative odor to the Elohim. No interpretation needed on that. LIHOHA means that is just that. No doubt about it, the odor calmed Elohim down. 

I talked about this publicly for the very first time last year at Robert Pinotti's =Italian UFOlogist convention at San Marino  because I am aware that it is something I understand to be difficult to hear, that god likes the smell of burning fat and meat of whole animals! I say it again for the second time at Baglioni Hotel in Florence, I repeated it and I say to the audience I just tell you what it says, I cannot tell you why. So, I am clear to point out I tell you what I read, but do not understand, risking looking foolish I agree. 

So I tell you be free to think what you want but this is what it says, what it reads, what it means, what is written in the bible. And then I told another thing that I will tell you also here. At the end of my talk, I am preparing to leave. The physicist Pedruccio takes the floor. And about then I am given a paper from Ivan Grippa who told me to read this article. 

It was about something to do with ingredients made by NASA for the production of an essence that reproduces the smell exactly of burned meat! They do this because they introduce it to the astronauts spacesuits as they dip into the water to exercise in zero or near zero gravity.  They do this because the astronauts you see have to prepare for the smell of this stink and get used to it. You see they will smell this all the time in space! It is something told to all astronauts and about getting out of the ship. 

Understand that physicist Vedruccio says that in space desquamation of the epidermis accelerates. As the astronauts move around skin cells slump off within the suits. This happens putting them on and when taking them off also. So when they get back to the capsule, and after all that friction cells are inside the suit in large numbers. The cells in absense of gravity float up in the air, coming into contact with the artificial atmosphere of the capsule and they oxidize, producing a very intense smell of burnt meat. 

A doctor writes to me. He says: "I heard you speak and you opened my eyes about a lot of things from the translations." This man studies cuneiform writing. Of the Sumerian tablets where it is told any single time the Sumerians burned meat they report the Annunaki arrived on the meat like flies, highly attracted to the odor. 

This doctor sent me a very detailed study which proves this odor has a soothing effect and proves it through science. He has mapped out the picture of the molecular structures of the transformations that fat is subjected through when grilled. It shows how these structures form the same molecular shapes our brains endorphins take when our brains make us more soothed, more calmed and quiet. 

So from this, the Vatican starship confirmation, the pictograph of the Sumerians depicting the craft we can conclude quite easily why the Elohim appreciated the stink of Abel's lamb. But he did not bother at all about the cucumbers and Cain's offering. 

When this guy entered the temple tent he ordered meat be burnt for him because that was the odor he wanted to smell. In the Bible this fact is extremely concrete. If you carefully read this now with new eyes you will see the physicality of it! 

Not done yet, and then he, god, Elohim, makes man produce a substance using three vegetable substances and a shell of a particular mollusc that had to be ground up and burnt, and all those substances are commonly used to regulate the breathing. Often these are used in asthma or anxiety attacks. 

Hence all of these aromas were made and known and the Bible says it openly it is not a matter of interpretation. Because these had a calming and soothing effect on this guy, or better those guys as the same things have been told to us by the Sumerians. 

The best thing is that when I translated that, I did not know about astronauts neuro-physiology but this confirms what is written is what is there and why.  So we'll see where we go. 

Back to the Sinai. As Moses asks Yahweh his name he asks for something else, since to reassure himself about the capacity of this guy to be able to keep his promises. Because he couldn't arrive and say: "I am God" In the Bible anytime he introduced himself and again and again we see it, Elohim had to present his curriculum vitae. His ID had to always be presented, he had to ID himself! This because he was obviously one of many. So this is why he had to say each time, I am the one that this or I am the one that met this one or so on. 

To drive that home Moses conveyed he had to convince those below to go with him over another, and therefore I have to convince myself. Clearly not something you would say to the one and only God of all! This was a local ruler, of potentially many others to choose from. 

That is why you need to see that thing defined as 'God's Glory' Here I can tell you the word "glory" was elaborated later. The Jewish term is KEVOD which means, powerful, heavy object. After which we never want to accept what the Bible says, and all exegetes start from the point of view that the Bible says one thing, but in reality it always means something else, always. If we instead pretend that when the Bible says something it really means it, we can understand a whole bunch of things. Moses said I need you to show me your KEVOD, your powerful, and heavy object. 

Alright Yahweh says, but know that if I pass too close to you with my Glory it will kill you. We can observe that the KEVOD=Elohims' Glory kills. It kills if you are too close to it. It would kill Moses close but not the people 600 meters lower. So it is quite clear here, that Yahweh is not able to control the effects of his KEVOD/Glory. So, Yahweh, knowing he cannot limit it, says: "We can do one thing so that you will not have to die. Do you see the cleft in the rock? When I'm passing by with my KEVOD if you place yourself behind that rock you will not die.  So the Rocks can block the effect. This is very clear in any Bible. Very clear. No room for debate here. 

So lets look at this. Moses hides behind the rock, Yahweh passes in his KEVOD and Moses stays alive but his face is burned and burned so badly he has to cover himself from the sun. The Bible states he could not stay under the sun without a veil because his face burnt, able to only take it off inside the tent. Veddrucio says this is the exact same effect from plasma engines currently being tested.

 Had they been radiations Moses would have died. But being a likely plasma discharge it is microwave energy being shot out the tail. So none of the parts of Moses shielded from the beam were effected, but only his face and hair due to the microwaves coming off the KEVOD> 

When the Elohim makes man build his habitation in the desert, he says to those in charge of it that they are only to go inside of it at certain times. For instance, when he arrived with his KEVOD no one was to be in there, otherwise they would die. In fact, getting back to Aaron's two sons that manage to get inside, for lets call it a improvised offering again it does show clearly Yahweh does not care about the intentions of the two. They got in tho, and they are burnt on the spot. You know what the explanation is in the Bible? 

The Bible tells us they died for doing something no one asked them to do. They did not do anything wrong. Right after that the Biblical verse says that Elohim said to Moses: "Remind Aaron, who had to go inside to prepare some arrangements, remind Aaron that he cannot come into my habitation, "COL MEHOD" Thus at any time if he doesn't want to die, because if some times you come in sometimes you can still die and the Elohim could not help. 


We all know the ten commandments we were taught. They are in the Bible but they are not the same ones carved in stone. We think these ten commandments constitute the foundation of Judaism. Write down these words, because with these words I contract an alliance with you and Israel. 

Do not contract alliance with inhabitants of the country 

Do not take woman of the country for Israel's children

Do not make divinities on fused metal 

Observe the feasts 

Reserve all your male first borns to me. 

Respect Saturday 

Every male will have to present himself to me three times a year

Do not offer the victims blood on bread. 

Donate the firstlings of the land to me. 

Do not cook the kid in the mothers blood

Don't murder

Don't wish

These are the fundamental laws to Yahweh, these are what is in your Bible. 

Practicing Jews have two fridges in their homes. One for dairy and one for meat and these are stored away from each other preventing contact. This is a sanitary prescription because many viral diseases are transmitted by and/or through goats milk and colostrum. So proper storage meant safer less likely contaminated meat. 

Enlil was the commander in the Eden together with his female partner Ninhursag  which translates, : "Lady of the fenced place at the top of the mountain"  That is to say, the Eden of the Jews, with his son, "Ninurta". 

In one of the Sumerian tablets of the Epic of Kharshag its told the nice story that this family, thus the "Supreme GOD" risked death by food poisoning from bad meat! Just to tell you that this is the alliance because these guys were already talked about, Annunakis and so on, and all that stuff about morals? Believe me they didn't care about any of that. My Jewish friends of the "Turin" community tell me they knew nothing of other worldliness because our god never talked about it to us. Trust me here, don't look for the world after death in the Old Testament. It is not there. Elohim was clearly interested in the world before death. After was not discussed. 

Elohim died. The Bible tells us they died like any one of us. They led very long lives but they died nonetheless. They talk about, together in assembly. I've reported here with the Jewish verses The Nephilim. The Bible names them the first time when mention that Elohims' sons see the Adam's daughters were good. It actually says, TOT, or suitable, not so much good, just they will do, I.E., good for. 

They coupled with them and the Bible says in those days on Earth were the Nephilims and also later, thus you cannot create a direct link between Elohims' sons who coupled with the daughters of men to give birth to Nephilims because the Bible does not say that. The Bible is quite clear, it says plainly when they coupled there were Nephilims that already existed. On this term there are two professors. 

Two Jewish philology professors, the first at Berkeley and the other at Wisconsin U. who have been arguing for a long time. They do this because it is not so certain. Sitchin, here was very precise. Nephilim comes from the root word Nephal which does mean those that descended from the sky to earth. Acutally it is not that simple. It is a bit more complex than that. In truth these two professors have been discussing for a long time. In my opinion they will discuss forever never coming to an agreement. 

The curious thing is that when the Greeks translated the Bible, when they stumbled upon the word, they did not pose the philological question/problem. Once they found Nephilim they inserted GIGANTES, 'the Giants' . In fact in a lot of Bible books, Chronicles, Samuel, etc, when the Bible mentions those beings that fought against David, the surviving ones joined with the Philistines to go against David. The Bible says those were Giants of RAPHA's children. 

Of Nephilims lineage through ANAK's children. ANAK's children are Anakims, word very similar to Annunaki which we saw earlier. These Anakim are mentioned for the first time when at the beginning of the conquer of the Canaan land, Joshua sends a few scouts, to see how well the cities are armed. They come back reporting this and that but the excited gasps were for the sight of the Anak's children. This terrified them because as they reported to Joshua we were as locusts in their presence and they saw us as locusts. But only three or four were there. Still that must be some size to scare off an army. 

In terms of height, in fact they said, we better don't fight against them else they would slaughter us. In that place there are still giants so it is better we don't fight. When David fights against these guys as a consequence of  the Judges conquests, these guys were relegated to three cities. In Israel cities were 600 to 800 people. So relegated to these towns they joined the Philistines to fight David. In one battle the Bible describes how David was fighting against this guy from Gat and that he was a giant with six fingers on each hand and every limb. 

In all 24 fingers and toes. So there were six fingered giants in 1000 A.D. So David is fighting these guys. And in two occasions something curious happens. David doesn't know what to do, he is in a tight spot. He sees a platoon moving in a particular direction. He wants to ask his boss what to do, his boss the Elohim, Yahweh as we know. So he addresses to on person to carry an object. He says: "Come bring me the EFOD!" Now this person carrying the EFOD comes over close to David, and with it David talks to his boss who is somewhere else! Yahweh was somewhere else! 

Only after the object was brought to him was he able to reach his boss. On a different occasion he says again to Eviatar, the guy who followed him on the battlefield with the object over his shoulders. He says: "Move the EFOD closer to me. "And only after it has been moved closer can he then speak to the Elohim. At this time he tells him this is happening and in reply he is told, do this and do that. 

The EFOD was an object, that had to be carried over the shoulder. 

Built in the desert. One of many, was a pectoral with twelve buttons, twelve colored stones, a shoulder piece with two big buttons on it and a stripe that came down here on the abdomen and kept it blocked. There were specific people charged with carrying the EFOD. Not just anyone could carry it. It was the instrument with which David spoke to Elohim. This is without question and he did so from a distance he in one place, Elohim in another. 

This also, without question.. Anyone being in the Army has seen this same scene many times. The Captain calling one over with the radio. Modern or Biblical the one carrying remains near the commander and always carries it over his shoulder. If this writing were anywhere but in the Bible, no one would have trouble grasping it. Well, it is Biblical times, we say it cannot be true! Well, I know the Bible. 

I translated much of what you read knowing it was all nonsense and for what? To do a job? No, right is right. Our creation story is for everyone, not reserved for a few. I am pretending it is true. I'm asking you to pretend with me that it is true also. But only for about ten more minutes, Then you can go back to thinking whatever you like, even what you thought before, it is okay. 

David does this. He calls the Elohim. And the Elohim arrives! Because remember at that point, David was really in trouble. Elohim arrives riding a cherub. What is a cherub you say? It is a machine. He picks up David and carries him away on the cherub and brings him to a safe place. And here, most exciting, we see the Bible clearly says, while it was rising, and in profile he was seen to fly on the wings of the RUACH, which as you recall is the image of the rapacious bird that is flown as if effortless gliding in the wind and sky. Cherubs are machines. No doubt here and it is very clear. 

I will explain.I will make it easier because I do not care about angelic orders, angels, or thrones, powers, devils, dominations, archangels, I do not deal with that. I do not know anything about that. The only thing I can say is that the cherubs of the angelic orders some people converse with are not the same as those referred to in the Bible as "KERUVIM" 

I will tell you about the KERUVIM okay? Ezekiel speaks about the Cherubs. He does this in his most known vision everyone talks about. Of God's chariot that comes down, this celestial chariot that comes with a stormy wind. Under this chariot he sees these, he calls: "HAJLIM" the livings which are elements that he says had a wheel on the side, a flat feet like a lambs and they came in Yahweh's chariot but could move independently and in Zig Zags and producing flashes. 

Oh and it had a wheel which could turn in every direction without needing to turn. Based on this description the NASA engineer Blumrich reconstructed the chariot he thought Ezekial saw. The reconstruction considers the first chapter. It is the same thing everyone does, even ufologists. 

Anyway, here Ezekiel saw something that obviously came from the sky. The good engineer made the common mistake, and I am no more clever, I was just lucky. Because having to translate literally every single term remains in my head. And when you can do that you can run things off each other in your memory and correlate to see this means the same as this and so on. 

The engineers reconstructuring does not consider the lower parts. These the ones Ezekiel calls KERUBS in chapters 8 and 10. In these chapters Ezekiel tells us of an event. He tells us Ezekiels Eloi's chariot comes. It movs to the internal temple court, it stops, the chariot lifts up and the cherubs remain there, inside of the temple. Ezekiel says that the people on the exterior court do not see the cherubs but they can hear the noise of their wings (turbines). The chariot lifts up again and rises above the threshold of the temple. 

It moves over the cherubs and when it is exactly over them the cherubs stretch their wings and lift up. They dock again. They get outside the temple, then move on to Jerusalem and and together they move as one to go to a height east of Jerusalem. The cherubs had yet another system of wheels which is not depicted here, because Burish considered only the first chapter. Ezekiel says that he heard the wheels describing one inside the other. They call them GALGAL and I heard they called those wheels 'circle' which is of an incredible banality. 

Actually GALGAL actually in this case not in Sumerians', galgal   But GALGAL which means, element or wheel that spins very rapidly, fast whirling wheel therefore if we wanted to translate with a modern term we should say: "I heard them call them turbines" Think so, (shows picture on screen of Vatican stored item, a statue of a item dating to the period of the reign of, there hasn't been conclusive pronouncement yet but this must be told. Whether it is false or genuine no one has claimed. All studies done date it to the period. 

Everyone knows this but none want to touch confirming it. But no one can blame them because no academic will risk his job being turned away from good position to say these shuttle crafts existed 3000 years ago. Remember, Ezekiel says, in your Bible, six men exited one of these things after landing. No one wants to claim this genuine, yet it sits proudly displayed in the Istanbul Museum. You can see the man on this one, a smaller one, riding it straddled like a horse. 

That is exactly the way the Bible says the King rode the kerubs, one of many he had made in the desert. You may also note that this same craft is depicted quite clearly in the stone lid to the tomb of the great Mayan leader, Pacal who is also clearly straddling it like a horse. This is the same as that in the Istanbul Museum. No doubt about that. See on the back are the concentric wheels. Inserted one in the other, just as Ezekiel describes. 

These objects, moved, without doubt are those described best if you read the bible and look at the picture or statue, and these docked with the KEVOB and independently sitting astride them. It was the reign of Urartu which means 'at the foot of the Mt. Ararat. 1000 B.C is the time we are talking about. 

The Bible did not know Jesus. Since the whole salvation story of original sin is not accurate, not true, there is no original sin. There is no guilt! In order to get to Jesus who brings redemption to everyone the whole Old Testament had to be finalized to the figure of Jesus Christ. Prophesies included always attributed a posteriori because the authors of the Bible never thought of that story. It is a story by the by. But what is a most curious thing. The last book of the bible is the book of Wisdom. 

It is a book the author of which says, God gave to me, the secrets of the universe, all the wisdom and this book does not mention Jesus Christ! It is as if while they were writing the book of Wisdom Jesus was there. It is just ten of fifteen years after Jesus' death and presumed ascension. Therefore the book of Wisdom that contains all God's knowledge, written within 15 years of Jesus' death and no mention of Jesus the Christ. 

Here we are to believe, God's son came, preached, healed, saved, died and resurrected and brought salvation to the world which means that everyone knows it except the very Bible which should be the one thing that prepared everything for him to come! Hard stuff huh? I tell you the truth it is what is there. It has always been there. It has been kept from your eyes and they let me go even for telling you. You can believe what you want now. Thank you 

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